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2019 & Boston Week 1



In the mood to do a recap of my 2019 goals and Boston training, not sure how long I'll be able to keep doing this but we'll go with it for now...

2018 was an ok year overall for my running, I ran most of the year, had a setback in June but got back on track in July. I completed two marathons early in the year and a few shorter races, had 0 PRs and ran slightly less than 2017. Not great results in races but grateful to be able to run period so that's why I'm going with an ok rating overall. 

I'm feeling very optimistic about 2019 coming off of a unsuccessful trip to CIM last month. I continued my streak of running at least 5K every day, up to 80 days as of today. I ran mileage of 41.7, 56.6, 55.1 and 62.1 leading up to this week which would be the first of my Boston 2019 cycle. 

First, goals for 2019. 

  • Enjoy the process
    • This is the most important
  • Run at least a 5K every day
    • I attempted to do this in 2018 but got overzealous with my buildup after Boston and had a calf injury set me back
  • 3500 miles
    • this one is an arbitrary round number but I want to run more mileage and this would be a decent increase over my 2017 total
  • PR in the marathon and 2 other distances
    • I already PR'd in one other distance on New Year's day so had to go with two

I posted a link on FB to my Boston Training outline that I'm starting with, will obviously tweak as I go with necessary changes. Here it is again for the sake of putting everything in one spot:


December 31 - January 6


  • Monday
    • 6.3 Miles in 0:52 - It was raining and I was home alone with my son so did a short recovery run on the TM at home. Had the annual New Year's Day 10 miler on Tuesday that is my benchmark for the spring and is a good workout to start the Boston cycle as it's very hilly. 
  • Tuesday
    • 3 mile WU in 0:23 + 10 miles in 1:02:50 + 2 mile CD in 0:15 (15 total) - easy WU with some surges at the end to wake my legs up. My legs have been pretty tired, probably still carrying some fatigue from December but it wasnt a goal race so not really concerned. A friend of mine came out to the (public) park and ran the race with me which was awesome because we were completely alone from the gun. The race is a 10 miler and 5K and we had a huge lead in both immediately. We kept the race at a tempo effort since there wasnt really a reason to run overly hard and go to the well and stayed pretty consistent with pace until i took a nasty fall on some slick mud right before the 6 mile marker. I then spent most of mile 7 recovering, I ended up tearing my compression sock and had some sweet road rash down my right hip. I took the overall win and apparently PR'd at the 4 mile distance also, clearly I need to race that distance again. Cool down of 2 miles, legs felt pretty good after the effort so I know it wasn't a true race effort. I have been doing some good strength work since mid-December and I think that is having an effect already as my legs handled the hills much better than last year. 
    • 1:00 strength training in the PM
  • Wednesday
    • 7.25 miles in 0:56 - Easy run in the rain on tired legs. My hamstrings were a little tight from the workout / strength work but no soreness. Uneventful run except I got to see two friends crushing a 10 mile tempo, they're both OTQ marathon guys and looked incredibly smooth running around 5:00 pace. Jealous.
  • Thursday
    • 9.3 miles in 1:13 - Easy run on tired legs. I usually feel worst two days after a workout so not surprising although my bedtime routine is out of whack from the hoidays and I've been staying up too late also. I need to fix. 
    • 15 minutes in the gym Normatec boots after post-run stretching.
  • Friday
    •  7.1 miles in 0:56 - Another easy run on tired legs, went shorter today in advance of a big weekend. Watch was spazzing out and never got a gps lock, think the distance is a little short but not too concerned about a tenth or two of missing distance.
    • 15 minutes in the Normatec boots after stretching again. I am liking them and this is bad, I will end up re-buying a pair for the house. 
  • Saturday
    • 2.8 mile WU in 0:21 with surges + 2 x 1 mi in 6:03, 5:58 + 6 x 1:15 hills on a 9% grade + 2.4 mile CD in 0:19 (10 total) - the mile repeats was done on pretty hilly roads also, GAP says the efforts were 5:57, 5:45 and the hill reps were all within 4:46 - 5:17 pace. I have no idea how accurate GAP is but if it's close I'm feeling much less pessimistic about my lack of "speed." I have been reviewing last year's training and feel like I have less raw speed this year but a ton more strength, which I think is where I'd prefer to be for a marathon anyways so good?
  • Sunday
    • 17 miles in 2:14 - Legs were really tired to start. I did 5 miles solo, mostly on a grass/dirt track at the park before my friend arrived and we did 11 through some rolling hills in the parks. I finished with another mile and a half on the grass/dirt loop. Pretty uneventful except for again, how tired I was. I do not like hills right now, they are hard to get up! Took no fuel during the run, will continue to do this on all easy runs to improve fuel efficiency.


Great first week. I'm tired but that's marathon training and truthfully I love it. I'm taking a big swing this cycle, going back to mostly self-coached and doing harder/different workouts to improve on my weaknesses so I can finally break an over 2 year old PR in the marathon. 

Happy New Year and happy training all. Thanks for reading. 

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I'm liking all those long runs you have planned - especially week after week. I personally think they help with the mental hurdle of the last 10K of marathoning. 

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4 hours ago, Gonzo Runner said:

That feeling you got watching the OTQ guys? That's how I feel reading about your 3 mile / 23 mins warm up. 😉

Haha it's all relative right?

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6 hours ago, Running Nutz said:

I really want to try these!!

They're pretty addicting. I have no idea if they actually do anything but they feel good, which is all that matters right? 

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5 hours ago, Carissa Liebowitz said:

I'm liking all those long runs you have planned - especially week after week. I personally think they help with the mental hurdle of the last 10K of marathoning. 

That's what I'm hoping. Get so used to running fast on tired legs + added strength. This cycle will either go to one of the extremes, really well or really poorly. 

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I think you're on the right track with strength trumping speed for the marathon.  Doing very little speed work but a lot of tempo workouts and fast finish long runs has gotten me marathon PRs (actually 10K and half PRs too).  I am also a big fan of GAP and it typically seems accurate to me - although my hill repeats are nowhere near as fast as yours!

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4 hours ago, CompulsiveRunner said:

You fall in the mud and still take first place? Nice. 

By 3-1/2 minutes!

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