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Looking Ahead to 2019



For some of you, I still have a presence here, cuz I like your blog posts and comment when I manage to find something relevant to say. I haven't posted much because there isn't much running-related to post about. If I'm being honest, work and merging my life with someone else's has taken up quite a bit of my time. And Mary Jane has been relatively silent, so there's not much to talk about there. 

So it's like, what the heck do I talk about? 

Looking back at 2018, I had one big running-related accomplishment and that was getting a 3-4 minute PR in the half marathon. Ever since then, I've wondered how much I can improve on a marathon time. I mean, the one time I did a marathon, I was running with a bad hip and thinking I could never finish one. And then I did, and ever since then I've sort of wondered, can I do better? I suppose that's how it works. 

ANYWAY. Lots going on in 2019. A few major expenses are popping up, like, you know, a wedding, so I can't go too crazy. But here are the things I'd like to accomplish in 2019 (both RR and NRR). 

1. Get married with minimal sad/frustrated/angry tears. But happy tears are okay. 

2. Find the perfect waterproof mascara to successfully manage the crying part. Recommendations welcome!

3. Run another 5K PR in the spring. I took advantage of extreme early bird pricing for a 5K a few weeks before the wedding. Hoping for a 90-ish second PR, which means a lot of work and dedication to healthy eating (not necessarily weight loss, just fueling with good food). 

4. Finish two more half marathons. My company participates in the local corporate challenge every year. Usually I do the 5K, but this falls on the same day as the wedding, so I have been considering signing up for the half marathon. A free race? Why not, says I? 

5. Submit an audition tape for SURVIVOR. The future hubs and I went to an open casting call earlier this year (SO FUN), but haven't heard anything. So, I'm committing to submitting a full audition video, cuz why the heck not? And if Jeff Probst doesn't call me, then I'm onto #6 

6. Finish another marathon. Probably the last one, cuz #7.

7. Start a family. We are both older, we aren't sure if it's possible to create a family on our own, but we will find out! And yes, I know people with young kids train for and finish marathons ALL THE TIME. But I'm okay with challenging myself with 5Ks and maybe the occasional 6.2 to 13.1-er. Maybe I'll be that lady that wins the geezer age groups at all the local 5Ks! Gonna make that a goal. 

8. Work towards being the lady that dominates the geezer age groups. 

What is one of your running-related goals and one of your non-running related goals for 2019?

2018 Photo dump: 

Hiking in Moab

Hiking in Moab

I'm holding on for dear life; the future hubs is laughing hysterically.


Post-race party at this year's family 5K.


Engagement photos: (by Morgan Miller Photography)



Thanksgiving Turkey Trot (did not do a race report, sorry)




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That's a good list for 2019.  Good luck on achieving every one of those goals!  Unfortunately, I cant help you with #2. 😉

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Sort of jumping the gun on those mugs. I'm sure it's not bad luck, though.

My main running goal is to not get injured. Non-running is to survive our own wedding circus (Big Mac is hitching up in April).

How's Jeff liking the new kid?

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47 minutes ago, Dave said:

Sort of jumping the gun on those mugs. I'm sure it's not bad luck, though.

My main running goal is to not get injured. Non-running is to survive our own wedding circus (Big Mac is hitching up in April).

How's Jeff liking the new kid?

We aren't using them until after the wedding, so it's not technically jumping the gun, right?? Congrats to Big Mac! And Jeff LOVES him - I can tell he misses him when he's not around, and when he is, Jeff is always in his lap now. Sometimes I get a little jealous, but only when it's really cold LOL

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That's a hell of a year, hope it all goes off without a hitch. No, wait, with a hitch, eerr, with the hitch you WANT, but no others. I'm bad at this. 

There's a lot of joy in those pictures, I hope you get plenty more of those this year. 

My non-running goal is my exit strategy from this job. Running wise, well, I'll let you know when I figure that out. 

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