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Marathon Training Reset: No Shamrock but New Jersey instead



Shamrock pricing was going to be going up on December 16 so I really started looking into lodging and flights. Little did I know but VA Beach isn't the easiest place to fly into/near, and since it's a holiday weekend, all the flights are much more pricey than normal - even my trusty Frontier! And even out of DCA! The hotel and flight alone was going to be close, if not over, $500. I'd been trying to win a race entry all week but it would still be too expensive even if I did win. I just can't justify it. I had no idea that would be an issue, probably because all the times I ran there previously, I lived on the east coast and drove. No Shamrock in 2019 - I will have to wait to run that one again when I'm living back east.

Luckily, just days ago, some of the Loopsters were talking about the Novo Nordisk New Jersey 26.2, which takes place on 4/28. I had thought about running this one AND Shamrock, but now this will be my PR goal marathon! That means I get a whole extra month+ to train! I'll always take that. My upcoming two week holiday vacation was really going to throw off my training plan, but now it will only be a week - totally manageable.

In training news, I was worried about my shin going into Rehoboth but I had NO issues! I wasn't really sore after the race either except in the soleus of both legs. I haven't done any cross training this week because of my schedule and I won't be doing much for the rest of the year since I'll be gone! Boohoo! I do plan to upgrade to a Black Card at Planet Fitness just for this month so that I can use the one in my hometown.

Last week's training was pretty uneventful:

Monday - Wednesday: REST - I didn't really want to rest this long but it just happened. I traveled on Monday (a looooong day) and woke up with a cold on Tuesday. I had planned to go to barbell class on Wednesday but I had to work late.

Thursday: Threasy - I needed and wanted some activity so I ran a few mile when I got home. I'd been in a class all day so that was my only option. My soleus were SUPER sore after this run and I was waddling around the house!

Friday - Saturday: Rest aka Lazy - My motivation was pouting all week. It always does the week(s) after Rehoboth. I kept telling myself that I needed to get moving but I didn't listen.

Sunday: Long Run - I left the house planning to run 5-6 miles and ended up running 8, at a 8:59 average pace. I felt really good and wasn't even looking at my watch. If that pace is starting to few like my easy pace, should I really be running that? My shin was a bit sore afterwards so I think that means I need to slow it down. I really should be running long runs no faster than a 9:15 pace. I never thought I'd have to force myself to slow down.

New Jersey 26.2 training starts 12/24 so I'll check back in after that. 

Happy Holidays, friends!


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Forcing yourself to slow down does seem to be contradictory to most of what we're trying to do, doesn't it? Have a great holiday!

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