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Shamrock Marathon Training Week 4: Rehoboth 13.1 Race Report!



First month of marathon training, complete!

Monday: Barbell Strength

Tuesday: PM Spin – I had a REALLY bad day at work. Too many things happening at once sent me into a tizzy, to the point of almost crying. I was really looking forward to spin class after work and knew I was going to push it hard. I started warming up about 10 minutes before class started and then never slowed down once it started. Even during recovery tracks I was pushing it. I ended up with almost 15 miles (I typically average around 13) by the end of class and felt so refreshed afterwards! Exercise does the body SO good.

Wednesday: REST – I hadn’t planned to stay for PM Barbell Strength because I was going to head straight home to pack for Rehoboth. I was going to have a long day on Thursday and knew I wouldn’t have much time to pack. I thought I might get in a few miles, but I’d started noticing my shin, just when walking around again – nothing painful but achy with every step. Ugh. I knew the speed was going to catch up with me but I just couldn’t slow myself down in those moments of feeling amazing. Also, I don’t know why I haven’t been wearing the compression socks that I own, especially on the long runs. Hey, here are these expensive socks I bought that I only need to wear when I’m injured. Come on, Chris! I had definitely planned to wear those for the race on Saturday, and I did.

Thursday: REST

Friday: TRAVEL – REST (I rested Sunday too, in case you’re keep track)

Saturday: Rehoboth 13.1 – Rehoboth Beach, Delaware


The Rehoboth House

Although I had a GREAT run, it was mostly uneventful which is why I’ve included the race report into my weekly recap. The trip to Rehoboth was smooth and most of us had dinner together at the house Friday night. We were luck enough to get the same, awesome house as last year. Like last year, I didn’t sleep much Friday night – mostly because I was in a new bed and I just couldn’t shut my brain down. The race started at 7am and I got out of bed around 5:30. I’m never really hungry that early but I forced myself to eat a fig bar – same thing I ate last year that worked really well. The goal was a course PR – anything better than 1:47. The sub-goal was a 13.1 PR – anything better than 1:42.


Road trip from DCA!

It was cold at the start but not unbearable. I was actually surprised that it didn’t feel colder to me. I was expecting upper 20’s there to be much colder than upper 20’s in Colorado. I had on tights, compression socks, a Buff, thin gloves, a thin long-sleeved shirt, and that new thin Nike windbreaker that I blogged about recently. I didn’t overheat in it this time.

I was going to let myself take off fast and just go with it. However, I was surprised when the first mile chimed in at 8:18 – it felt much faster than that. I picked it up. Miles 2-4 came in at 7:55, 7:40, and 7:36. I had really picked up the pace between miles 3 and 4 because I saw some of my buds and wanted to catch them before the half and full split. I was successful and was able to holler at Mr. Bacon and Randy right before they split off.


Air goals…

The tights I was wearing were brand new and I’d just bought them from Athleta. They were the softest tights I’d ever run in and they were amazing. EXCEPT, my effing FlipBelt kept riding up and was all the way up around my abdomen! It was pissing me off so I decided to take it off and carry it. The rest of the way. With my damn iPhone in it (and I didn’t even use it). Ugh. This caused mile 5 to slow to 8:02. Miles 6-7 were 7:50 and 7:56 and I was really proud of the pace I was keeping.

Around mile 8, we enter a park and start running on a dirt trail. I really love this part but didn’t realize how much it slowed me down until I started looking at the splits. I was also feeling the speed by that point and was losing some juice. Mile 8-10 were 8:09, 8:19, and 8:20. I don’t remember which mile this occurred but I got right beside another girl and she let out the biggest burp ever! It made me giggle but she apologized. I let her know that it was impressive and that I appreciated it (and that she didn’t get anything on me). Unfortunately, I didn’t encounter many characters to report on. Besides the incredibly hairy, almost naked man with the Viking hat on… I saw him at the beer tent afterwards and got a pic.


At mile 11, I knew I was going to be exiting the trail soon so I picked it up as much as I could. I also got beside a guy and started chatting with him, who told me he was trying to finish with a sub 8 average pace. That’s where I hoped to be (that became a C goal mid-race) but I was sure I didn’t have it in me. I was giving it all I had without burning out before the finish. He took off ahead of me and I never caught him. Miles 11-13 were 8:07, 8:08, and 8:05. Official finish time: 1:46:01 – COURSE PR!

Rehoboth results 2018

While the B and C goals would have been cooler, I met my A goal and I am so happy and proud of myself! I have come a LONG way in the last year and a half and I shouldn’t be anything less than proud. Rehoboth continues to be a magical race and is certainly my favorite. Ever. Sorry, Shamrock – at least you’ve got the PRs! Each year I am incredibly inspired and amazed by the performances of my other running buddies. I was able to stand at the finish line and cheer in some of them. Caitlin – who was just shy of a BQ but who got a massive PR instead. Carissa – who’d been in a boot a couple times this and STILL got a BQ. Randy – this guy had a ruptured achilles a year ago and finished the freakin’ marathon! – a 3:33 too! Finally, there’s Mr. Bacon (aka Prom King) who barely trained and still ran a 3:28. If those people can’t inspire you, get the fuck outta here.


I miss Rehoboth already and am already looking forward to going back next year. This time, the goal WILL be a 13.1 PR. Yeah, baby!


I miss you guys already!


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Course PR!!!!!!!!!!! Plus, look at those pretty splits. I know you spent part of the fall dealing with calf issues so it's awesome that you not only got to race, but race well!


So happy that Rehoboth is your magic race 'cause that means I get to see you at least once a year. :big-dancing-banana-smiley-emoticon:

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It looks like his hair slid off his head and settled on his back. 

Solid racing, always love the Rehoboth reports. 

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