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stopping for a bit..

doug in co


At some point on one of the canoe trips this summer, tweaked the L knee MCL. It was mildly painful but didn't stop me from doing anything. However it's been five months now and it has not healed at all despite my best efforts at icing/stretching/strengthening exercises. Same continuous mild pain, worse the day after a run to the point of limping some days. So now going to try stopping running for a bit, most displeasing. I suppose at some point I'll have to actually go to the doctor 😉 but he'll just tell me to rest and ice it. 

We warmed up for Thanksgiving the previous weekend, at a friend's cabin in the shadow of Mt Princeton. Jeff deep-fried a turkey in peanut oil. This is my favorite way to cook a turkey I think. Not only does it taste good, but the bonfire is fun .. ha. 


Me on L. The good part about drinking beer in the snow, is that it never gets warm.. 

For Thanksgiving itself we hosted, and cheated by getting a turkey breast from Costco, also the stuffing, mashed and sweet potatoes. We were going to make a salad but had only romaine lettuce, threw it out and just carbo-loaded.  

I was supposed to take the dog hunting in Wyoming on Friday but the forecast was for winds 45mph, gusting to 60mph. At those wind speeds the pheasants get up out of the grass and are blown into the next county before anyone can react. Instead I took the poor dog for a walk in the snow up in the forest, where we found out-of-hunting-season turkey tracks. 


Artie wanted to track 'em down and was confused that I didn't want to.. 


It was a good walk (me) run (him) anyhow. 

Several of my friends from the local Runners Roost Thursday night run, won their age groups at the turkey trot. My pace would have placed me top 20 (only 20 altogether) in my AG.. ah well. 

Now for lots of swimming and weight room work, one day the MCL will be well.. 

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Bummer about the knee. Some time off should set it straight.

The fire looks like the best way to enjoy hanging out in the snow.

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Sorry the knee isn't cooperating, hope the time off does the trick. Beer, bonfires, and dogs are at least good company in the meantime. 

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