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Friday Review



And here we are at the end of another week. I spent several years in retail and don't miss it very often. The time I miss it least is probably around the holiday, but every Friday I'm reminded just how that industry is a demanding one. God bless the people who do it. Not many of their customers seem to. All that to say I'm happy to be at the weekend.

Sadly, it looks like rain most of the day tomorrow. I don't mind rain too much, of course, but it's fall and it's cooler than normal this year. Rain and chilly temps aren't my favorite. I thought briefly this morning when I heard the forecast about just taking Saturday off, but I'm too grateful right now to be running again, so I expect to just layer up a little and run between the drops. Shouldn't be too bad.

Yesterday was a weight day and I wasn't looking forward to it. At all. Kept wondering about cancelling it and just running. Then I did something I haven't done in a long, long time. I ran more than I's planned. At least, officially planned. As soon as the idea to go five instead of four - even on weight day - popped into my head, I sort of knew it was going to happen. So, I ran five miles. After complaining as recently as last week that I was still feeling sluggish and heavy and gee I'm never going to be in good running shape ever again, this was a pretty sweet run. Cool and sunny and a perfect fall afternoon. I still have that thing in my mouth (learned this morning it's called a fistula, which I'll probably forget by the next time I need to know that term), and need to consult an endodontist next week, but the Z-pak seems to have restored my staying power. Or maybe I'm just finally getting there.

Shout out to the several drivers who stopped and even backed up from intersections and parking lot exits to let me keep running without stalling for them. Reminded me that I live in a pretty nice town.

So, now that my shorter runs seem to have settled into a comfortable 8:30-ish pace, I feel like I'm safe to bump up to the next level. Not ready for any marathon training or anything crazy like that (sorry, Rehoboth), but maybe I'll see about a local 5k or 10k in a few weeks. And check the spring marathon schedule again.

Seventeen miles so far this week. Four today and eight tomorrow (as long as the rain isn't too heavy). That adds up to 30, right?

Going to have to bring T-Rex home again for winter. She dropped her Anatomy/Physiology class and lab after bombing the first two tests. It's so frustrating to see her go through this.

For the record, I did the strength work after my run. It wasn't terrible. Just icky, like I expected. Maybe if I had a good gym buddy. Of course, that would require me to go to a gym. Never mind.

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Yeah, tomorrow's long run won't be much fun here either.  Wind and rain.  At least you're running well lately so that's good.

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I don't miss working retail AT ALL, except for the 25% discount I had at Whole Foods. Glad you're able to get in some runs again! That's awesome! Happy spring marathon hunting!

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I'm glad you still did your strength training. Thought I was going to have to scold you for a moment. 

Sending positive vibes for T-Rex. 

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I always preferred manual labor to retail. Plus, could count it as strength training. Now I do neither and have the noodle arms to show for it. #bbgunshow

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Really glad to see that you're making progress. And I recall seeing on Strava that your Saturday run the day after this post was "OSOM", so there's that!

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