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OK, here's one theory.



I'm such a whiner.

Seven weeks since I started running again consistently.

Mostly what I've done in those seven weeks is complain that it's hard and I'm slow.

Beginning the first week of September:

Week 1: 12 miles, 9:53 avg, LR 2 miles (9:41)

Week 2: 14 miles, 9:17 avg, LR 4 miles (9:22)

Week 3: 20 miles, 9:24 avg, LR 5 miles (9:25)

Week 4: 20 miles, 8:55 avg, LR 5 miles (8:55)

Week 5: 24 miles, 9:15 avg, LR 6 miles (9:27)

Week 6: 24 miles, 9:05 avg, LR 6.5 miles (8:55)

Week 7: 16 done, 8:48 avg (10 more planned, LR 6 miles)


I'm looking at the numbers now, and they show a nicer picture than how I remember the last month and a half. After all, I'm coming off an almost seven month layoff, and the six weeks before that were a slow build up following a full month of post- marathon rest/recovery. Seven weeks to feel decent running again.

Not so bad, really. I should feel good about where things are at this point.

So I will.

It's fall, the best time of the year for running. And I'm running.

Yesterday I didn't feel like going. A little stress from work and worry about T-Rex (as always). I just wanted to take a nap and pretend everything was fine. But I went out anyway, because runner. And because it was 50 degrees and sunny and I know I'll appreciate it a couple of months from now when it's ten. Also, Thursday is weight day, which I hate. I skipped Tuesday because I got distracted with some early fall yard stuff when I finished running and then it was time for dinner and Mrs. Dave and I had an appointment at the temple so there was no time and I'll take just about any excuse I can think of to not do weights.

Where was I?

Of course my mind told me that a run when you don't feel like running is usually a good thing, so me and TYTBNW (the yet to be named watch) took off. No trouble with the knee. I'm calling Louie at about 95% most of the time now, btw. Most of my warm up miles have been between 9:30 and 10:00. This one was 9:06. Nothing worth dancing, but improvement is always nice. This is an out and back route past the high school to the Mobil station on the next corner. It drops slightly all the way out, so I figured it'd be slow coming back. 8:21, 8:23, 8:22.

Did not expect that. 

Last week I noticed something in my mouth while I was brushing my teeth. Some discoloration and a big zit-looking thing on my upper gum. As a lad I hit my face on the edge of a school desk and chipped off a good portion of the front tooth. Ever since it's been a trouble spot. I had surgery to remove a large abscess there back in the late 80s. My dentist has been watching it on the annual x-rays forever. Anyway, I went in and he took another x-ray, which didn't show much change, but it's still there and there's another round of infection. So, I'm on antibiotics for a week and then we'll look at it again at the end of the month. Hopefully won't need surgery again.

My point in mentioning this is that it could possibly be related to why even though my endurance is slowly building (about like it should), I haven't felt great. My running times included much more walking than I ever remember doing in my previous comebacks. I'd get a mile or two out and my legs would go dead and my heart rate would ratchet up. Talk about discouraging. If this infection has been enough to give me trouble, then once it's beaten down with the z-pak, maybe I'll actually feel good on the roads.

Just a thought.

Mrs. Dave sent me out early last Saturday. Granddaughter #1 was getting baptized, so we made a quick trip to Kentucky. The ceremony was Sunday evening, and we spent Saturday afternoon with Connor in Louisville. Ran in the dark for 6.5 miles and didn't feel half bad. Then we hit the road, had a nice weekend and came back Monday morning.

My social media skills seem to be dying. I took zero pictures and posted not a thing the whole weekend. Is that bad? I still scroll through regularly and see what my peeps are up to, make a comment now and again, but mostly just give a quick "like" and move on. If it weren't for the Loop and Loopsters I might ditch FB and IG altogether. I've already left Twitter, and am not at all interested in any of the other SM apps out there.

Happy Friday, everyone.

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I hope the z-pak gets things back to normal for you! Infections are crazy beasts and it's crazy how they can effect your whole body.

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Looking at the progress as a whole is exciting. It's hard to feel it working when you are in the thick of it, but kind of cool to see just how far you've come from the first run back. So happy that things are headed in the right direction!

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Good analysis. This is why we keep track! Stay the course.

I have an abscess right now too, and I'm scheduled for a root canal.

I ditched instagram and don't miss it a bit.


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Because it was so hot this summer, I spent most of it weight training in the AC. Three months later, I've noticed my easy effort runs are an average of 30 seconds faster. Just telling you so you keep up with the weight training. It helps in more ways than one.

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Never got on Instagram. Twitter tends to bring out the worst of humanity, so I mostly follow people who post about dogs. Facebook has become the social media version of the chain emails promising 1,000 years of good luck if we like and share and send to 900 friends in the next ten minutes. So you're not missing much. 

Good luck with the z-pak. 

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Following you on Strava and your comeback looks promising!

SM kind of sucks and sucks up WAY too much of my time. There's good info on there but also so much time can be wasted just scrolling.

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