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Distance first, then speed.



This year's transition to fall weather has been pretty crazy. 20+ degree swings between summer and fall nearly every single day, and often on the same day. And I can really tell the difference between 60 and 80.

Saturday was a perfect example. It was about 60 in the morning, humid and foggy. I don't mind so much the 60. By 2:00 in the afternoon the fog and clouds had cleared and it was 80 and humid. Yuck. But I ran in the morning, so it was all good.

My week's runs were so-so. Decent when it was cool, lousy when it was hot. But at least I got all the miles in I wanted. Four on M-W-F, three on T-Th. Strength work on T-TH after the runs. Plenty of stretching. Saturday was six miles, my first at that distance since Rehoboth (first weekend in December, if anyone's keeping track). It was a decent run and I didn't die. I did get rained on a little at the beginning and a fair amount in the last mile, but at 60o, I didn't much care. It was as good a run as I've had in a long time. Had one little break half way to take a pebble out of my shoe. 24 miles total for the week. 🙌

Was able to get Mrs. Dave to approve colors for the landscaping I'm working on in the back. Now I need to get her to approve the funds for the brick and mulch. Since she spent this weekend updating the budget, she wasn't in the proper mood to have that conversation. She knows it needs to happen (especially since I've started work already), but getting her to actually releases the cash still takes some finessing. It's a minor inconvenience I put up with so I can avoid having to do the budget myself.

Granddaughter #1 is being baptized this weekend (we do this at age 8 in our church), so we're headed on another trip south to Kentucky. It'll be quick, so not much time for anything other than the ceremony. Not sure when or where my weekend run will be.

Guess that's all I've got. Boring, I know.

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Where is fall? Not that I want cold temperatures but the humidity has got to go.

Glad your knee is getting with the program!

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Mrs. Dave and I have the same response to updating the family budget. And so-so runs or not, 6 consecutive days of running is something to feel pleased about.

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Starting work without a budget is an old contractor's trick. Budgets move a lot faster once you dig a giant inconvenient hole and stop work.

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