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Week 7: Trip to Telluride!



A little late in getting this one out…

Well, week 7 is over and I haven’t ran since September 8th. I’m trying to remain optimistic that I still have time to get in enough training to run a decent marathon, but it’s fucking hard to keep up. My hopes of completing a full training plan have once again gone down the shitter. Will it ever happen? Who the fuck knows.

Now that the fucks are over, let’s hear about what I actually did.

Monday: Barbell Strength – I got my lift on and my leg felt fine during this, as it always does.

Tuesday: 3000m row and 1000 steps at the Wellness Center after work – Instead of hitting up Planet Fitness for this workout, I just went straight to the WC after work and knocked it out. The WC has a Concept 2 rower which I like much better than the water filled one that my PF has – it feels much more efficient. I did the 3000m row in 13:30 which was a minute and a half faster than last time. I completed the 1000 steps in 14:10 which was almost two minutes faster than the last time. I get that these times really don’t mean anything but it’s something to strive for!

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: We were leaving for Telluride this day but I wanted to hit up PF before we left. I got a late start so instead of rowing 3000m, I only did 1500m; one can only row for so long before it starts to get old. I still had a decent time but forgot to record it. I stuck with 1000 steps and kept it at either Level 9 or 10 the whole time. I got a good sweat on. I’d planned to do the circuit machines but only did about 7 of them once. There was a sweaty, bandanna man that kept using one of them and left a pool of sweat on and around it. I didn’t even go near that thing. I know those machines probably always have a lot of sweat on them, but I don’t wanna see it! We didn’t leave town until 10am and it was a six hour drive. The drive there was long but beautiful.


This spot by Black Canyon always makes for a good photo. The water is SUPER low right now…

By the time we got to Telluride and found a campsite, it was time for dinner (ramen and veggies), drinks (Moscow Mules in a plastic cup), and a gorgeous sunset! (Prepare for some picture vomit from here…)

oh deer

My camera sucks for zooming but look at that cutie!


It doesn’t get prettier than that, folks…

Friday: REST – We took our time when we woke so that we could have breakfast and then head towards town – we hadn’t actually been through Telluride yet. It had been a COLD night sleeping at 12,000′ and it took a bit to thaw out. My hips were also a bit sore from sleeping on the ground, even though I had foam and inflatable pads and the ground was soft. During breakfast (a tasty vegan sausage hash) we were entertained by zippy chipmunks and mini-squirrels, but were being tormented by a Gray Jay that wanted our food! It kept swooping down at us and we had to keep an eye on everything!


You can barely see our tent and the car in there… It was a good spot!

We went into Telluride so that I could charge my phone and look up other possible places to camp. We hadn’t really thought it through because we went looking for camping spots too close to lunchtime. By the time we had been driving and driving around, we were both getting pretty hangry.  We ended up camping at the Sunshine Campground were it was $20/night – not too bad! We set up our tent and headed back into town for a yummy meal; the meal wasn’t that great and ended up being like $75! When you screw up my noodles, we have a problem.


We had to camp on gravel but it was pretty!


It isn’t called Sunshine Campground for nothing! This is the drive that lead into it.

Saturday: From Pandora Mill to Bridal Veil Falls (BVFs) and up to Black Bear Pass hike – We’d originally thought we’d head back home Saturday evening so that we could have it as a lazy day Sunday, but we’d done so much driving around and not much else! We absolutely couldn’t leave Telluride without a good hike. We decided to do the BVFs hike that was actually on a 4×4 gravel/rocky road. Vehicles could drive up the trail to BVFs (almost 3 miles) but had to stop there. The rest of the trail was one way and could only be driven downhill from the other direction- for GOOD reason it turns out.

BV falls

Creepy house at the top of the falls…

There weren’t a whole lot of people out hiking, especially past BVF. Shortly after we’d started up the one-way portion, we came to this really sharp curve where a Jeep was coming down, that was barely wide enough for a vehicle and promptly dropped off the side of the mountain. We decided to stop to let the Jeep come through – plus, we wanted to watch it make that curve! The next mile was pretty gnarly as far as 4x4ing is concerned. I remember reading reviews where folks were annoyed that they had to hike with vehicles passing, but it was entertaining!


The vehicles passing by kept asking us, “Are you going the whole way?” We didn’t know what the “whole way” was so we just kept telling people we’d be turning around after 5-6 miles. About 5 miles in, the trail turned back into 2-way (although it seemed like it’d be pretty sketch if someone needed to go the other way) but we weren’t seeing all that many vehicles coming. We saw that we were almost at the top of something so we decided to push forward. At 6.5 miles, we found that we’d reached a false summit and the top of the pass was about a mile more ahead. I didn’t want/need to go any further, so I sat on the edge and had an apple, while W ran to the top of the pass and back.


The point where I stopped was 12,500′


We headed back down but didn’t get to see any other vehicles on the way down. We had a good amount of shade on the way up, but not on the way down. Because it had been really chilly when we started, I only put sunscreen on my face and hadn’t brought any extra on the hike. The sun was beating down on us and we both thought we were going to get fried. I had a hooded long-sleeved t-shirt on and tried to keep the hood on as much as possible.


I took this pic for my bro who loves 4x4ing and Jeep Cherokees :)  This was the tame part of the trail, btw.

The way back down seemed SO LONG. You could see really far down, but all the switchbacks made the distance seem really deceiving. We’d only brought a liter and a half of water for the both of us and we were running out quick. I was ready to be finished when we hit BVFs again, but we still had almost 3 miles to go! There were tons of people hiking up and back down when we reached the falls, and there were a lot of vehicles driving about as well.


The “falls” were a tad underwhelming… haha

We FINALLY made it back to the car and just collapsed in the seats. Almost 13 miles, 3600′ of elevation gain, and 5.5 hours later we had a burger and fries afterwards and pizza and drinks for dinner. 


Sunday: REST- We woke up at 5:30am, packed up and was heading down the road by 6am. I’d slept in compression socks and kept them on for the drive home. I was expected my shin to be REALLY sore after that hike but it WASN’T! And it never got sore.


Thanks for reading!


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the other name for the Grey Jay is 'camp robber' 😉

one took a bite of my wife's sandwich as she was holding it, at a campsite in Oregon once..

thought about doing that BVF hike, but the hiking on a road with cars didn't sound very attractive.. looks pretty good though, nice..

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Beautiful way to enjoy a Colorado weekend. Glad your shin didn't bother you. Hope you can resume training this week. 

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Nice camping weekend. No mountain bikers on that trail? It looks like that would be a good trail for it.

Hope the shin continues to behave!

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Good laaaaaaaaaawd, those are some beautiful pictures! I'm sure it doesn't do what it looks like in real life justice. Glad that you had no complaints from the shin and hope you can get in some good mileage before Rehoboth!

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Any place in the Rockies is still my favorite. Love being back "home" but damn I miss those views.

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2 hours ago, Gonzo Runner said:

I've got some SERIOUS outdoor envy right now...

Wait until my next post :D

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