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Baby steps.

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No wasps this week.

Had my last session with Amanda on Thursday. Have to say I was disappointed that what we'd done hadn't made any difference. Not because PT isn't good for anything. I guess being 59 and recovering from surgery just takes more time than I'm comfortable with. No visible reduction in the swelling. Still the same level of pain and the same amount of limping. Gah. Apparently I still have months to go.

But, I'm done with the appointments for now. I have an extensive regimen of stretching and (hip) exercises to continue with to go along with my return to regular running. And by "regular" I mean "consistent", not what I'm used to or what I want to do. Good news (?) is that I'm only limited by pain. Weak hips are a documented culprit in many running injuries, so I suppose it makes sense that this is where we're focusing. 

So, here's what's happening.

Strength (everything is 3 x 10)

  • Back, front and side hip extensions with resistance band.
  • Single-Leg Bridges
  • Clamshells with resistance band.
  • Side steps with resistance band.
  • Single leg deadlifts with weight.
  • Weighted squats
  • Fire hydrant with resistance band.
  • Single leg squat (rear foot on chair).

So many dang exercises. BORING!

But, either time is passing, or the boring exercises are doing their thing. Yesterday's run was OK.

Let's talk running for a second. I noticed that after PT the knee was feeling pretty good, so a couple of weeks ago I had Mrs. Dave or T-Rex drop me off and I'd run/jog/walk home the mile and a half from the rehab center. The first quarter to third of a mile, I'd still feel some pain, but it was on the low side and not in the surgery site. I'd have to walk a little every half mile or so, because I'm just so out of shape. Sucking wind is preferable to feeling a knee injury, though.

Last Monday I tried a few exercises and then a couple of miles on my own. Same result. Tuesday I asked Amanda about it and she agreed that if it didn't hurt more than not running, I could keep at it. So I did the same Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday I ran home again after the last appointment. And Friday. And Saturday. If you weren't counting, that's six days in a row running. Each one was about the same. Knee hurt for the first 0.3-0.4 mile, I'd run out of steam at about a mile so walked 20-30 yards (and again after another half mile). But there didn't seem to be any lingering issues. No additional swelling, no more pain than normal. In fact, for the rest of the evening the knee would feel better than it had during the day. Next day would hurt, but no more than previously.

I complained about having no stamina and all the walking until Mrs. Dave reminded me that I've not been running really since February. Duh.

Yesterday was the first day I ran the entire 2 miles. Averaged 9:15 per mile. I even had enough energy to notice the weather (which was overcast and a cool 65 degrees, btw - runner heaven!), the lady walking her two dogs and the guy with the LeBron glasses.

The knee has felt better last two days than it has in a long time. Less pain and less limping, even after sitting at the desk for awhile. I consider it a serious step forward. No marathon plans yet, but just like a marathon, one step at a time.

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I wish I could offer some great inspiration and a vision of perfect running in the future.  Seeing my boyfriend go through 2 surgeries in 3 years and the rehab process from the back surgery in February has opened my eyes to how difficult rehab can be and how long it can take.  As slowly as I now recover from any injury of any degree has me living in fear of any potential injuries needing surgery because I'll set slowness records in rehab.  Those 3x10 strength sets look perfect.  I need to add those to my morning repertoire. 

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Why are non-running exercises soooooo boring? I bet those 2 miles went by 1,000 times faster than 60 seconds of the exercises LOL. 

Happy that things are progressing in the right direction! :big-dancing-banana-smiley-emoticon:

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Progress is progress. Not interested in nice, long walks for fitness? Audio books are a great way to pass the time.

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Better let Mrs. Dave know your legs are gonna look soooo goooooooood when all those exercises kick in.

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Those exercises are incredibly boring but probably something EVERY runner should do for pre-hab (I do most).

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