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Week 5 Complete



I didn’t talk much about how my shin felt in my race report because I thought I’d save it for here. The pain level is about a 5 – just enough to let me know it’s an issue and not just soreness. I’ve been icing the heck out of it which brings immediate relief and makes it feel less intense afterwards. I felt it during the race, but it was only at about a 3. It hurt like hell once I stopped and the day after, but hasn’t gotten much worse. I still haven’t gone to see my PT but that’s just because I haven’t been able to get an appointment yet. (Paragraph written on 9/4)

Monday: REST

Tuesday: REST – I probably should have ran a few mile but I wanted to rest more.

Wednesday: PiYo (Pilates + Yoga) – I’d planned to do yoga roll, but that instructor was out so someone else filled in for her. I got to the class, fully expecting it to be yoga roll and started getting nervous once I heard it was PiYo. It’s been a long time since I’ve done Pilates, but I don’t remember it including anything that we did. Holy cow y’all… it was not pretty. I am one of the most uncoordinated, tall girls EVER. I wasn’t even coordinated enough to play basketball as a kid! We had to do some combination moves, at a really fast pace, so I was like 3 moves behind every time. I know those classes are good for you but I just get annoyed when I can’t keep up. Plus, I end up not having proper form for a lot of important moves, like lunges and squats. It definitely got my heart-rate up but I probably won’t be doing that again. I just don’t like it. Thank heavens it didn’t include a step…

Thursday: 3 x 1600 @ 8:30 – Tuesdays are normally my track days but there is no way I would have pulled that off on Tuesday. I didn’t want to miss a track workout week so I did it this day instead! I set my alarm for 5am, hoping to get out the door before 5:30 – yeah right. I’ve found that I need at least 30 minutes to wake up and get out the door. I did my warm-up mile to the track. It was a blissful 51 degrees and there was humidity in the air from the rain we got the day before. I know you East Coasters are struggling right now, but I enjoy the humidity here since we don’t get much of it.

I wore my headlamp to the track and then during my first 1600, which was 8:30 on the dot! After that, I took it off and jogged a lap. I could feel that the second 1600 was going to be faster, but I didn’t want to risk going to slow. The second one was 8:19 – not too bad! I jogged another lap and then started my third 1600. By this time, some high school students came out to run and were doing some warm-ups; two other guys showed up as well. That’s the most people I’ve seen on that track. The third one came in at 8:27. That workout felt great and didn’t feel like a struggle. My calves were still sore from the race, and my shin was hurting but nothing terrible. Woohoo!

It wasn’t until I was at work and logging on my training plan, did I realize I hadn’t even done the workout correctly. The pace was supposed to be much faster, which makes total sense now; I had used my tempo pace. Soooo, instead of hill repeats on Tuesday, I’m going to redo this workout properly. If I’m trying to PR, I don’t think I can be skimping on the speedwork.

Friday: Yoga – There is only one class (Barre) offered at the gym on Fridays, which I just don’t want to take the day before a long run. I have actually rested every Friday since I started this plan, even though it supposed to be an XT day.

Saturday: 13 miles @9:20 – I had high hopes for this run. I was going to run my favorite trail and I was going to take my time getting up and getting out the door. Waiting until 10am to start was a BIG mistake. Even though we’ve had some cooler days, and it’s been very nice in the early morning, it heated up quick. I feel that this run would be best summarized in bullets:

  • I forgot my 50 SPF sunscreen at home and had to use some old 30 SPF that I had in the car. I still got sunburned.
  • I didn’t realize a high school cross-country meet would be going on along the trail, so the first time I had to stop my watch, was to let the pack by. I did get some unintentional cheers from the meet spectators along the trail! Boy, some of those shorts were SHORT on the guys!
  • About mile 3, I had to wait at a light to cross a street and stopped my watch. I forgot to start it and didn’t start it again until the “Power Save Mode 30 secs” chimed at me about a half mile later.
  • Somewhere around mile 5, I came up behind two horseback riders. I passed them on the left, but the horses started running right after and passed me back. THEN they started walking again and I had to pass them, AGAIN. Luckily, I didn’t get kicked in the face or shat on.
  • My legs and brain just weren’t having this run and were fighting with one another the whole time. After I turned around, I remember passing a park that had a bathroom and water fountain. I stopped to use the bathroom, splash water on my face, and refill my bottle. The wind hitting my wet face gave me a short little burst of energy – didn’t last long.
  • I did a lot of run-walking the last few mile. I thought the 13 was never going to end and I just wanted it to be over. I did eat a wild  plum (which I thought were persimmons during my run a couple weeks ago) and a crab apple. There are so many trees along that trail that are LOADED with little plums and apples; I don’t ever remember seeing plums that small.
  • When I was finally done, it was SO HOT. I was walking up to my car and saw a snake in the grass. My overall pace was 10:38.


  • The fabric cooler that I had in my trunk didn’t help keep anything cool. I had some cold squeeze apple sauce packets that I was looking forward too, but they were still good hot. I grubbed on some Chick-Fil-A afterwards.

Sunday: REST – I was able to get in touch with my PT and will be seeing him Monday (today). I don’t think it’s shin splints any more because the resting pain intensity is getting worse. Still doesn’t hurt much when I run, which is so puzzling. I’m nervous that it’s something bad. Stay tuned…

Also, I got to hang out with these cuties yesterday :) That’s Gus (Gus) and Gwen.


Thanks for reading,


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  • I hate when I forget to restart my watch or better yet, stop it completely mid-run. 
  • 51 degrees????? Gah, so jealous!
  • Crossing my fingers that you will hear good news today! 
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A good long run needs a groove and you never got into one, thanks to the XC meet, horses and stop light. Ugh. Good luck with the shin.

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I'm so glad someone else has trouble with their Garmin! I feel so dumb when I hit the wrong button.

A cat with my name!! Yay!

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9 minutes ago, ocrunnergirl said:

I'm so glad someone else has trouble with their Garmin! I feel so dumb when I hit the wrong button.

A cat with my name!! Yay!

I like calling her Gwenie Poo :D

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I have 100% failure rate when I touch any buttons during a run. Hope the shin is a quick fix.

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