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Sore, flat, broke, but it's going to be ok




The very first sentence of my grad school reading and it's all about why I finally decided to get started...

Workouts have been going well until the last couple days where I guess the miles in the heat are catching up with me a bit. I ran a slow 17 on Saturday, which was actually an extra mile but because of the nature of group runs I walked close to a mile anyway. Monday was on the trail and went ok. For the first time in 3 weeks I avoided some nasty plant (stinging nettle I think) that attacked me the previous 2 weeks. Tuesday’s speedwork was right on what it should have been, but Wednesday’s long midweek run of 8 miles was rough. I never felt good and what would normally be my super easy pace felt hard. I tried to go a little faster and just couldn’t. My left calf and foot were complaining, and later after the run my right ankle joined the grumpy chorus.  Today I was supposed to do a tempo run with 2 miles at half marathon pace. I couldn’t get there. I was a minute too slow on each of my tempo miles. Tomorrow is a cross train or rest day. Usually I cross train, but this time I’m taking the day off.

I have a half marathon on Saturday – and the remnants of hurricane Gordon are going to make it a wet one. Not exactly looking forward to that, but at least I won’t overheat! No real time goal – I’m not in shape to PR, and I’ve been extra tired and sore this week. I hit almost 40 miles last week, which is a big week for me. (And not even the peak for this training plan). Last month was big, but not huge. Both pairs of shoes I’m wearing are at about 200 miles. They still have miles left in them, but I know that I’ll feel better if I get a newer pair to rotate in. The budget really won’t like that, but injuries cost more. I saw the chiropractor today and because of the high miles, soreness and race he wants to see me again next week. Usually I go once a month. The budget doesn’t like that either. I’ve been using some HSA account money so it’s not quite as bad as it could be, but I don’t have a ton of money there either. You know what else hit my budget? After I ran this morning and got ready for work I sat down in my car, started it and was promptly informed I had low tire pressure. A quick look showed my right rear tire was completely flat with a nail in it.


My attempt to change the tire was quickly thwarted by extremely tight lug nuts. Fortunately, my car insurance includes roadside assistance. They actually came really quickly and had the donut tire on in about 5 minutes. I asked the guy how many of those he does a day, and he said 15! No wonder he could do it so fast. I took the car to the repair place and waited and waited and waited. I didn’t have an appointment and there were a lot of people in front of me. Finally they informed me they were working on it, but they couldn’t patch the tire so I had to buy a new one. Budget says ouch again. I made it to work by lunchtime. Good thing I have vacation time…

My Master’s Degree classes start this coming week. I’m still nervous about whether I can still do this school thing or not. I finally got my last textbook yesterday. I bought school supplies for the first time in about 13 years last weekend, but I forgot to get some sort of planner. I’ll need it, lots of deadlines to keep track of. I’ve already done a bit of reading today while waiting for my car, but it’s dense stuff. Not sure how much of this I’ll need to know from memory. Once my race is over Saturday I’ll be dedicating time to planning out my studies for the first week.

Various trail pics...



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I am really proud of you for taking that first step toward a new future! (sorry if that sounds too mom-ish … I can't help myself) 


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Flat tires suck. But the new path you're starting doesn't. Such a huge (and scary, I'm sure) step to take. Good luck! 

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Those trails look great. And don't sweat school. I bet you'll find that you're better prepared for it now than you were  when you last attended.

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