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August In Pictures & Loopfest 2019?



In the spring Loco Races decided to buy the Vermont 100 on 100. Ugh. I mean great...I suppose. If the race was cancelled I didn't have to decide whether or not my body was ready to run 15+ miles.  And then Loco comes along and saves the day.

I managed to not sign up for the relay the 1st time jschneid announced that he was putting together a team. Jschneid = Christine's friend who saved me at the last minute last year by replacing me and my f'd up hamstring.

Since last year jschneid and KRG have become best friends/running buddies.

Anyway all was good until Pat (applepie's friend) had to drop from the relay. I was feeling really great at that point and quickly took the empty spot. I was probably a little too enthusiastic to get into race shape. One night at track on the last 200 i felt something pop/pull/hurt. What the hell's with all the 200s anyway? The pop/pull wasn't major but enough to make me pull the reigns way back.

KRG said AtomBuddy was going to be in NYC and would be running the NYRR 7 miles at the beginning of August.  I decided if he can travel from California to run a race in NYC then I could travel from NJ to run my 1st race in Central Park.

I met KRG and jschneid at bag drop. I couldn't believe how easy it was to find these guys at an NYRR event! Next we walked over to the start and there was AB right in front of us.

It was hotter than hot and the air was thicker than thick. I decided to just run it by feel and really didn't care about pace. KRG and JS warned me about the hills.

I really enjoyed the race and the and the sights.


Bathroom break at mile 4.



We went out for brunch after the race. I got to meet Mrs. AB  and little AB (who's taller than AB)


I added some miles on later that day to simulate race day. No bueno.  My hamstring/piriformis/it band was a big ole hunk a'junk of searing pain.


I knew I had about 2 weeks to get my schizzle together.

Thankfully we were on a cross country vacation for most of those 2 weeks. We visited my son in Dea Moines, Iowa. He and I ran 6 miles together because he signed up for the Des Moines Marathon.


Love this kid! Miss his smile and humor every day.

The Iowa State Fair was happening while we were there.


So cute!!

We went to concerts on 2 nights. Saw Chris Daughtry and the Brothers Osborne. Both incredible! I love concerts!


After visiting my son and his wife we flew to San Diego. I made plans to run with Dr. Whiskers but sadly she had a family emergency.

My husband pretty much let me decide our itinerary while I was there for the 2 days. (He was staying longer for a conference.)

I was like


First we went to Torrey Pines along the Pacific. We hit every trail except one. I was in heaven!


Does it get any better than this?


That night my husband and I went to dinner and asked for recommendations for a hike the next day. The bartender recommended Iron Mountain.  The start of the hike is very deceiving.


That's the only part that is flat! We climbed a 1000 feet to the the top of the mountain.




Seriously you guys I didn't love San Diego but I'd move for the surrounding mountains. I'd climb a new one every dayum day!!

I flew back Thursday and drove to Vermont on Friday! My body had no idea what time zone it was in!

I picked up KRG, jschneid and Deanna at the Newark train station and headed for Vermont. Applepie and Slow_running met us there. We carb loaded like champs.


In a freak state of summer the weather gods sent us a high of 64* for the relay.

I decided I should take a look at my elevation profiles for my legs since jschneid wouldn't return my epic downhill legs. Harumph!!


For my 1st leg Slow_running told me I'd be running the bowl. I thought that 1st down and then up was the bowl....until I got to the 2nd down and up. OMFG! I managed one code Abby and a pace of roughly 9:40 for my 1st leg.

The usual waterfall photo



My 2nd leg was pretty much flat but really cambered.



Applepie asked what I needed on that leg when I was 1/2 way through.  I told him a flat road. My left hamstring/it band can't stand a downward slope. I was in so much pain. Roughly 9:30s. Jschneid snapped a couple pix of me after this leg but told me none of them are really of me smiling. Just the pain bleeding through.


My favorite sign from the race:


I had one more leg to get done. I was the last runner for our team - the "hero." I wanted this leg because I was always so jealous of S_R running in the dark on the dirt roads. All the twinkling lights of the other runners bopping along the road.

I warned my team I had no idea what pace I'd be running since I was in so much pain on leg 2. I had slathered Biofreeze everywhere and taken 2 Advil.

Simply magic!

S_R handed off to me and I took off into the dark.


My leg felt the best it had all day. I ran on the dirt roads, clicking off more kills than I had all day! I ran the flats and downs and walked some of the ups. As I came into Okemo I couldn't believe my 3rd leg was the fastest of the day at 9:20s!

My team was waiting for me and we all ran across the finish line!


We placed 100th in the Vermont 100 on 100! And I'm sure we placed 1st in the cheering department.



SoLoopfest 2019 is at the Vermont 100 on 100. I signed up a team and we already have 8 of the 6 spots filled.... So are you brave enough to join us? Requirements are being able to ring a cowbell and run up the side of a ski mountain in an ice cream costume.

Let me know!

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Sounds like we need a second team...

Way to maximize your hiking possibilities!

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Your hammy is as dumb as my knee. We'll see if I'm running next summer.

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I can't believe someone took a picture where you aren't smiling, I notice there isn't any proof!

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It was fun seeing you on that sweltering day in NYC, but obviously that was just a small part of a big month.  I'm glad you enjoyed your hiking tour of our lovely home state, too!

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On 8/30/2018 at 10:25 PM, BANGLE said:

Sounds like we need a second team...

Way to maximize your hiking possibilities!

 I can pick you up in Newark! Totally counting my eggs before they are hatched!!

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On 8/31/2018 at 6:43 PM, skinnyLLegs said:

I can't believe someone took a picture where you aren't smiling, I notice there isn't any proof!

He told me to smile so I did but the smile said more F, you than happy smile.  Lol

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12 hours ago, Carissa Liebowitz said:

So much Loopville fun crammed into such a short amount of time. Those trail pics are ahhhhhmazing! 

That's why I'm always so jealous of Jenster's expeditions! Trails and mountains are the best!

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11 hours ago, CompulsiveRunner said:

Great pictures! Despite your stupid hammy, you are managing to squeeze in a lot of adventures. 

I'm telling my hammy to suck it up because I haven't got time to be injured anymore.

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Ah, the Iowa State Fair. I spent every summer I can remember there growing up (we were the people with the sheep in the neon spandex).

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The bowl is insane!!  The last leg makes up for the bowl torture.  It was great to run another 100 mile relay with you!  Can't wait to do it again next year.

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I think the most impressive thing here is that you volunteered to go to Newark Penn. People who never commuted through there can't possibly appreciate the sacrifice. 

I'm so in for next year. 

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