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Week 3 Complete: Definitely a better week




I’d like to start by thanking Mark Remy for making the best motivational posters, EVER. You’re welcome. Secondly, I’ve been writing this blog throughout the week so you may notice the changes in mood each day.

mark remy

I met Mark Remy in Philly in 2011 when I ran the 13.1 with a ton of you all!

Monday: Barbell Strength during lunch- I still LOVE this class and love the routine of doing it every week, especially at lunch time. I should think about doing it more than once a week, but I’m not a big fan of staying after work to do it (only offered at 4:30pm on Wednesdays). We will see.

Tuesday: Yasso 800s @3:50- (Click the link if you aren’t sure what those are) I’m always a tad bit anxious on speed days, as I’m still not very good at pacing myself. I ran a warm-up mile to the track and included a warm-up lap. When I started the first one, I just tried to run what I thought would get me there – 4:06  oops, need to speed it up! The second one was right on the money at 3:50! During the third one, I felt like I was getting tired and tried to keep the pace up – 3:39. Dang! Really? When I started the 4th one, I pressed what I thought was the lap button but turned out to be the stop button. Ugh. I didn’t even realized I’d done it until I’d already completed the 800! I felt like it was definitely in the 3:40ish range so we’ll just go with that. I’d only planned to do four but I obviously couldn’t stop without four officially on the record, so the fifth came in at 3:45. Terrible pacing but an overall good job that I am happy with. I will only do Yasso 800s one more time during this training plan, on week 15 (eek!).

bart yasso

I also met Bart Yasso! I wanted to ask if he’s related to Clint Eastwood!

Wednesday: I was supposed to go to my Yoga Roll class during lunch but I lost track of time and missed it! Boohoo. It threw my whole day off and I hate that I missed it. I wasn’t able to work in anything else so I’ll just count it as a rest day. No harm in changing things up occasionally. Some Wednesdays are optional rest days (which I don’t plan to use) so it works out anyway.

Thursday: Plan: 4 mile tempo @ 8:30 – After Tuesdays workout, I thought about a plan adjustment. Typically, I’m supposed to do a tempo run every Thursday. I’m having a few minor aches and pains and thought I’d make a speed adjustment, at least in the early stages of training. Instead of having a tempo run in the same week as a track workout, I thought I’d just run the miles, as close to marathon pace (8:45) as possible.

I decided to go to Thursday night run club for my run, even though it got up in the 90s. I don’t know why I continue to think it will be ok to run in that temperature. It wasn’t. On top of it being hot (and grabbing a Gatorade to take on the run), as soon as I started running, I knew it wasn’t going to be a good one. At first, I was going to run a different, flatter route that the normal run club route. I also started 30 minutes before we typically start because I wanted to do six miles. I ended up running the standard route, which isn’t flat and has a hill that I always hate. I can’t tell you how many times I walked. I also had some disagreements in my “area” because I stupidly decided to groom that morning (TMI, whatevs) and there was a lot of sweat going on down there. It all added up to be a shitastic run, but I got through it. Luckily, there were buckets of Dos Equis and a burrito afterwards.

Friday: Supposed to be a cross-training day but I decided to take another rest day instead. The run on Thursday took a lot out of me: the heat, the bad air quality, the fire in my crotch… TOO MUCH! I woke up not feeling all that great, and a spot on my right leg (that I’ve been cautiously observing) was really sore.

Saturday: Long Run – I had 13 on the schedule but was going to just shoot for 10 and see how I felt. I decided to run on a trail I’ve only been on once (with Kelli!); why I’ve only been on this trail once, I have no idea. This trail is the shit for many reasons, and the big ones are: lots of big shade trees and “kitty litter” gravel to run on. Where I’ve parked, you can go left or right on the trail and run for many miles in each direction. I’d only ever been left so I thought I’d go right this time.


I got started around 8am and it still felt pretty good out. The smoke (emanating from British Columbia) has been looming over the Rockies for weeks, and everyone keeps advising against exercising outside… yeah right! You can’t smell the smoke any more but you can certainly see it and not much else. I filled a water bottle with two single serve packets of Skratch and had a packet of Skratch chews if I needed it. I wore a tank and shorts, which I will soon be reluctantly replacing with tights, long-sleeves, and a headband.

I got about a mile and a half down the trail when it turned into pavement. I wasn’t sure if it was going to turn back to gravel, especially when I met a guy on a road bike, so I turned around to go the other direction. Luckily, I was passing by my car with only three miles in, so it was easy to keep going. My stomach had been feeling wonky since Thursday so I wasn’t sure how many miles I would last. I wasn’t have terrible stomach pains, just discomfort. The best way I can describe what I was feeling is that I wasn’t willing to risk finding out if it was only gas or not. Although my stomach was feeling crummy, I was loving the scenery. I passed SO many wild fruit trees along the route – regular apples, crab apples, and persimmons!


At certain points, it smelled like Macintosh Apple scented Yankee Candles (Abby!) ! I’ve always loved that scent. When I would hit the shady parts, with the great apple smell, I would briefly close my eyes and take in a deep breath. I’m not in a rush for fall, even though it is my favorite season, but it was all really making me pleasantly think of fall. This trail will be amazing in the fall because there will be lots of leaves to crunch with my shoes. At one point, I passed this couple walking a huge Bassett Hound, whose ears were dragging the ground! I wanted to pet him so bad!

If I had brought TP reinforcement, I may have continued, but didn’t want to risk shitting myself and called it a day at 10 miles. I still felt like I got in a great long run and I felt great, otherwise. The pleasures of the run defeated all the bad stuff.


I even hit the pace I was supposed to aim for! Right on the $$

After the run, I showered, had lunch (3 eggs, 3 vegan sausage patties, and a whole avocado!), then headed to Elitch Gardens for CU Day! We got discounted tickets and got to ride rides and drink beer the rest of the day. I hadn’t been to an amusement park in a while so it was nice to feel that roller coaster adrenaline again! I rode one of the coasters where your legs dangle, AND I SAT IN THE FRONT! I screamed like a little girl, but it was a blast.

Sunday: Rest Day – When I woke up on Sunday, the spot on my right leg was hurting pretty bad. I can’t tell if it’s muscle or the edge of my shin.

  • It hurts the most first thing in the morning
  • When I take a step and lift the leg back up, that’s when it really hurts
  • It feels better as the day goes on
  • It doesn’t hurt at all if there is no pressure on it
  • It will hurt for like the first half mile of running, and then I won’t feel it the rest of the run
  • (edit)The pain is along the inside of my shin bone ( shin splints?)

What do you think? I’m sure it could be any number of things, and I’m likely going to go see a PT soon. I have the Estes Epic 25K this weekend, so I’m going to buy some compression socks to run in, then deal with the possible consequences later. Stoopid? Maybe, but that’s what I’m doing.

Thanks for reading!


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Sorry that I now have a picture in my head I shouldn't have, but it's your fault.

So many and varied are the days of training.

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grooming the lady bits for optimal running is a bloop all in itself.   

Diagnosis:  Lower-leg tendonitis. 

Treatment: Aleve.  

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7 minutes ago, Running Nutz said:

grooming the lady bits for optimal running is a bloop all in itself.   

Diagnosis:  Lower-leg tendonitis. 

Treatment: Aleve.  

I'm actually starting to think it may just be shin splints. It hurts along the inside of my shin bone. I iced it last night which made it feel a smidge better.

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7 minutes ago, CompulsiveRunner said:

I like the way you mix things up all week long - keeps it interesting. 

Hope the shin thing is nothing. 

I am LOVING the plan that I'm on and will likely stick to something like this any time I'm training for a big race. I'll be interested to see how the only 3 runs a week pans out.

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I'd say some sort of tendon/other soft tissue issue. I'm dealing with the same sort of thing in my foot. I'm a little worried because even if it's only that for me, it's what kept me from running St. Jude Memphis last year and it took a long time to get over. (It was MUCH worse last year though). 

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Hahahaha!!  Sorry, you're cracking me up with "my area" and grooming.  No such thing as TMI among runners!  Hope the shin feels better.

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