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The Amazing Amanda.



First two sessions of PT last week. Had my initial eval with not-John (I think his name might be Brandon). Not-John didn't have anything definite to say other than it's all connected, which I already knew, and they'll work to stretch and strengthen some stuff and hopefully things will get better.

Went back on Thursday so see Amanda. I love Amanda. After Sarah had me warm up on the stationary bike for five minutes and do a few other exercises, Amanda went to work on the knee, asking about where and how much it hurt, moving it around and checking my strength and pain points. She was working at the popliteus, and asked if there was a problem there. She could tell there was. So could I. In fact, the first symptom I had back in February was pain and puffiness back there. It wasn't until a week later that the meniscus pain started, which really began this whole PT-MRI-surgery-more PT saga of 2018. That popliteus has been a mostly minor irritant the whole time. Anyway, she kept on it for a while and it really made a difference since Thursday. She also found a bunch of ropey, rough tissue at the lower end of my hamstring. I could feel how bumpy it was as she scraped along it. Of course, this has also caused my PF on that foot to flair up (because it's all connected, yo), so she worked on that, too. Then she KT'd the left leg from the knee to under the heel.

I was kind of sore still Friday and Saturday, but yesterday was as good as I've felt in a long time. Hope springs again.

Went out for a long walk on Saturday. Just felt like I should be moving some, and walking has never hurt very much. A mile seemed a silly distance, so I was planning two, then three, and finally four once I got into the park. Louie did fine, but I was wearing sandals and ended up with a small blister on the big toe mound. I'll be switching to shoes for my next walk. I got a decent sweat going since it was hot, but walking is so darn slow! Fortunately, I've got a good book going on Overdrive right now, so I just kept going while I listened for an hour or so.

Mrs. Dave decided last week that she needed to try to understand the Marvel Universe better before she sees Infinity Wars, so the three of us (T-Rex is still home for a few more weeks) are going through all of the movies in order of release. So far we're through Ironman, The Incredible Hulk, Ironman 2, Thor, Captain America, and the first half hour of The Avengers. She fell asleep about when they arrived on the flying aircraft carrier (sorry if that's a spoiler). I'm really bad at remembering movie details, so I don't mind seeing them again.

No home projects this week. I looked into fixing the grass , but to really do that I'd need to spend a bucketload of money on a sprinkler system. Nope.

One more week closer to talking about running again.

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This is great news!!  I need to Google popliteus now.  I've never heard of it.

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I saw Infinity War with only having seen parts of the first Ironman, all of Civil War (horrible) and all of Black Panther (amazing). I still knew what was up, and still cried when appropriate. Because I hated Civil War so much,  I basically refuse to watch any movie that focuses on Ironman or Captain America because now I think they are just buttheads that don't deserve my time.

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The home care responsibility I miss the least is caring for a lawn. Cut, edge, water, seed, fertilize, aerate, then a drought comes and kills it anyway. 

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Stick with Amanda. My goal in life is to never spend a penny on lawn care products, other than a mower. And never water the grass.

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