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Rehoboth 26.2 Training: Week 1 Complete



Week one of marathon training is complete! It was such a great week and felt amazing to be back at it again. I have so much motivation and I just hope it keeps going. I do get to train in my most favorite season, for my new most favorite race, so I feel like I’m set up for success!

Monday: My buddy Kelli is a kickboxing instructor at the new wellness center on campus so I decided to join in on the class she was teaching. I am one of those tall, uncoordinated girls and I usually don’t like classes like that. Luckily, it wasn’t one that involved a step so I didn’t do too bad! It was a good workout, I got my sweat on, and was sore in my shoulders the next day!

Tuesday: Track Tuesday! I hadn’t ran on the track in many months so I knew it was going to hurt. The plan was 8x400s @ 1:45 with a mile WU and CD. I ran a warm-up mile to the local high school track and realized I wasn’t quite sure which button on my Garmin 230 was the lap button. I knew the white button started and stopped the time but for some reason I pressed that anyway when I started the first 400. I quickly restarted it and then figured it out, so my first 400 is a little off. I only hit the target time a couple times and it certainly felt like my first in a while speed workout. Ouch. It wasn’t all that pretty but it still felt great and like it was progress made!


Wednesday: I got up early and made it to Yoga Flow at the new wellness center! I normally do not like yoga that isn’t hot yoga but I surprisingly liked this. I’m still stiff as a board but it didn’t feel too bad. I did, however, forget to bring a bra and underwear so William had to bring them to me! Doh! Luckily, he hadn’t left the house and goes right by the gym to get to work!

Thursday: Tempo day! Ok, running fast is hard these days and I do NOT know how to pace myself. I woke up not feeling excited about running 8:30/mi, even for just three miles. I thought, I have the half on Saturday and I really don’t want to be sore for it. I could just run five miles instead, or I could just try for a slower pace. I don’t know if I could even keep that pace for three miles… Blah, blah, blah. Well, how the hell does anyone know what they can do until they try? Chris, will you ever learn that lesson and quit sandbagging yourself?! Not likely. Sandbagging is better than tea-bagging though, right? HAHA!!

ANYWHO, when I got out the door, I said fuck it and decided to go for the 8:30/mi. I did a warm-up mile and then picked it up when my watched chimed for a mile. I was going to do 1.5 miles out and then back. I had no idea how fast to go for 8:30/mi so I just ran. When the first tempo mile chimed 7:59, I was like whoa! It certainly felt hard but I didn’t think I was running THAT fast. I decided to just keep going and see how long I could hold it. The second mile was 8:06, and I definitely lost some steam after that because the third mile was 8:22. I finished it up with a cool-down mile. It felt hard but good and I’m glad I pushed it. (Writing this part on Friday – I’m not sore at all!)


Friday: I was supposed to cross train but I didn’t and I’m OK with that. I knew I was going to try to run fast for the half on Saturday so I enjoyed the extra rest day. I actually had a couple beers at Crazy Mountain Brewery.


Saturday: Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon and Kelli AND Haleigh’s birthdays! You’ll have to wait for a separate race report to find out what happened (unless you follow me on Strava or social media and already know!).

Sunday: REST DAY. This included a lot of napping and a dip in the hot tub.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the GtIS RR!


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47 minutes ago, ChocTop said:

Assuming tea-bagging is something different over there?

I'm gonna leave that one to Google :D

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1 hour ago, NavEng said:

you just raised the bar on your tempos.

If I keep it up, I'm gonna end up BQing!

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21 hours ago, NCAthlete said:

I'm gonna leave that one to Google :D

🙀You realize next time my parents tell me they hope the surf is dead flat so they can “tea bag”...well there’s no coming back from that...

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