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Flashback Friday: The Adventure of Chris and Erin



I made a FBF post on my WordPress blog last week but didn't get it posted here in time. I can't post something meant for Friday, not on a Friday. You can read it here. 

This installment is a great attest to how much fun my best friend, Erin, and I use to have. We’ve only been able to see each other a handful of times since I moved to Colorado. However, she just moved to Arizona so I think I might be able to see her a little more often! I sure do miss running and having fun with her. She even came out to CO for my wedding in 2014!


The Adventures of Chris and Erin 7/21/11

It never fails that an adventure develops during Erin and I’s road trips. Whether the trip is small or large, something always happens that leaves us thinking and saying…. WTF? Yesterday was no exception.

If you read my Nashville Country Music Marathon road trip blog, we took an hour detour to find multiple froyos that we never found. I’ll come back to that point later. We had planned to drive to William B. Umstead State Park 1.5 hrs away from our location. This park has some great trails to run on and we needed to practice on some for our upcoming [NFEC Georgia] 50K. I drove so Erin was navigating and put in Umstead Park in her GPS. I’d been there a couple times and knew which way to head but the GPS was taking us a different route. Maybe it knows a quicker way. The closer we got, I began to wonder where the hell we were going. It was leading us to Chapel Hill and Umstead is in Raleigh. Raleigh, Chapel Hill, and Durham make up the “Triangle” and they are all close together, so I just thought it was taking us a different way. Once we were downtown Chapel Hill and looking at UNC Chapel Hill, I knew we were lost. I guess there is another Umstead Park; we had to drive 20 more minutes to get to our location.

We finally get there and it’s already 11am and 95°; good thing we both were running in our slutties (aka super short running shorts)! I forgot to get my Camelbak so I used two hand held bottles. (I use to run with a Camelbak, ugh!) We were going to make a loop so I’d ditch one of the bottles for when we came back around. The plan was to run 10 so we headed off. There was lots of shade so we weren’t out in the sun for too long. The trails were beautiful and pretty technical is some spots. We had lots of little bridges to cross and roots to maneuver through. With lots of switchbacks, we wondered if the trail would ever end; I love trails but they make the miles seem much longer. After an hour, I took two salt tabs (really? for 10 miles?) and ate a pack of Honey Stingers. The other water bottle I ditched had diluted Gatorade so I chugged some of that. (You’d think I was running an ultra…)

We were getting back to where my car was parked, but we still needed two more miles. We were going to pass the car, go down a mile, and turn around. I started having stomach cramps as soon as we got past the car. I’m guessing I took in too many electrolytes at one time. (Ya think?!) My tummy has been sensitive in the past so it wasn’t a surprise. We had to stop and walk a couple times because it was hurting so bad; I even had to bend over a couple times to make the cramps stop. We didn’t make it down a mile and decided to turn around – it just wasn’t going to happen.

We’d assumed there would be showers in the park we could use, but they turned out to only be for campers. Crap! What now?? We still had plans to go shop for trail shoes. We thought about being rebels and use the showers anyway but didn’t want to get ticketed by the Park Rangers. We found a bathroom that had a couple big sinks. Let’s do it! Yep, we showered in the sinks. As I was sitting up on the counter with my feet in the sink, another girl walks in. Erin and I get really quiet and then busted out laughing when she left! Let me tell you, sink showers take forever! We were in there almost an hour! I still felt pretty gross afterwards b/c we had been drenched with sweat. I was still having GI issues at this point and just felt like crap. It was time for FOOD!

I’ll tell the last part in bullets or this will go on forever:

  • REI’s in store shoe selection SUCKS! Didn’t find anything!
  • Walked to Dick’s Sporting Goods down the road and it down poured just as we were leaving the building
  • FINALLY GOT SOME DANG FROYO!!! (Froyo/Ice Cream is serious in our world)
  • Hit Raleigh rush hour traffic
  • On the way home, decided to make a detour to outlet malls* close by
    • A torrential downpour and storm starts while we are in the Nike store
    • Run from Nike to the Merrell store and almost get taken away by wind/rain
    • Decided to call it quits and head home after two stores
  • We were gone from 9am-8pm!!!!

* The last time we were at these outlet malls is when NC had major tornado damage in the area. We were dodging tornadoes on the way home!!! Luckily, this time it was only thunderstorms.

So there you have it folks.

Another adventure in the lives of Chris and Erin!

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22 minutes ago, ChocTop said:

Froyo = ice Cream?? I gotta lot to learn...

Froyo = Frozen yogurt :) They are definitely not the same but equally yummy!

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3 minutes ago, NCAthlete said:

Froyo = Frozen yogurt :) They are definitely not the same but equally yummy!

Cool. I’m gonna use that & see if anyone catches on!

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