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Summer Update




     It's hot. Not just hot, but hot and humid. Very humid. Sure, it's summer, but this summer seems constantly humid. Maybe it's the fact that there hasn't been a break in the pattern of hot and humid weather. Sure, there are always hot and humid days during the summer, but it seems like during past summers the pattern would change after several days and there was a break for 2 - 3 days when it wasn't bad if you ran early. Maybe I'm just getting older and mis-remembering. That's not limited to politicians you know.

     Marathon training is going. I haven't missed any runs which is good. Let's not talk about workouts because pace has seriously suffered. The last time I successfully ran a pace run was during June. It's hard to hold GMP when the temp is a sticky 80 degrees. My RB and I managed to squeeze in a few track workouts to run 800s. Last Thursday's track workout was a fail. We tried to get an early start, but the "feels like" temperature was already 85 degrees under a blazing sun, so that didn't go so well. I may have to rethink GMP.

     On 8/18 I'm off to Vermont to run the 100 on 100 relay race with some of my favorite Loopsters. 100 on 100 is a 100 mile relay race on Route 100 in Vermont. The route is very scenic and the race is just a really fun day. Vermont is also home to Ben & Jerry's and we would be remiss if we didn't support local businesses there, right? Beer may be involved as well. Can't wait. The race falls at the perfect time in my training plan. I need 18 miles that day and my legs total 18 miles, so it fits just right. I am a little worried about not running 18 consecutive miles. My 3 legs over the course of 10-12 hours will total 18 miles, but does that have the same training effect as running an 18 mile long run for marathon training purposes? Seems like it does not. Does that matter? Probably not. I think the only difference will be more discomfort during the first 20 mile long run.

     The "Baker's Dozen" is going well.  The Baker's Dozen is a Challenge that I'm doing with my LRG where we're running 13 half marathons in 12 months. The 13.1 miles doesn't have to be an official race - a 13.1 mile long run will suffice. A marathon counts for two so an October marathon will count for my double. It's a fun way to keep mileage up. Sometimes a few of us will run our 13.1 miles together on a running buddy's birthday, so there's been a bonding aspect to it as well. 

     Nothing else exciting is going on so Consider yourself updated. Run well.

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That VT 100-100 is a favorite RR. Can't wait for the '18 version.

Too early to bail on your GMP, methinks. Go on effort and wait for the fall to show where you really are.

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To early to say on paces. The heat holds everyone back, I'm hoping summer breaks soon. (Around here, that's unlikely, probably at least a month to go)

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I wouldn't bail on GMP yet either, the same effort in the heat and humidity will yield a much faster pace in October. 

Good luck in Vermont! I also hear they make cheese there. Ya know, to make sure you completely undo all the healthy things you did by running 18 miles...

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Have fun in Vermont! Can't wait to hear about it. That Baker's Dozen challenge sounds fun, especially running on birthdays!

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Love the concept of the Baker's dozen, and the fact that someone can be at that level of fitness for an entire 12 months. It's a marvel to me.

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