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Well. Hello, Monday.




More writing about not running. Bleh.

Figured with my return to the ortho, I'd let things settle down as much as possible. Then he'd know what was really happening. He did. The good news: the meniscus repair is all in good shape. The pain I'm feeling now is inflammation in the medial collateral ligament. Bad news: I have inflammation in the medial collateral ligament. What to do? He gave me a cortisone shot and prescribed another week of rest and then some cold ointment until it all settles down the rest of the way. Also, more PT if I feel like it. So I rested over the weekend, and it hurt a bunch yesterday and today, more than when I was running a couple of miles on it.

Dermatologist appointment went fine. Scraped off the area on my right leg but had to excise (translation: dig out with a scalpel) a one inch diameter hole a quarter inch deep in the left. Didn't hurt thanks to the lidocaine, but it's pretty ugly. Anyway, he thinks he got all of it. Should find out this week for sure.

Colonoscopy also went well. There were three polyps, all benign. Finding three of them, though, puts me on the three-year plan now, so I have to go back in 2021. Sure hope I have a marathon to schedule around by then.

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Whenever I hear cortisone shot, I think mi  corazón and it seems so romantic. But then I was dropped on my head a lot as a child. Bright side: You're using up all the medical stuff for the rest of your life and will skate into triple digit years without needing to see a doc again. Which is a good thing since Medicare will have gone kaput long before then. Dr. Pants will advise you on health issues. Not to worry.

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Sorry to hear about the inflammation. Hang in there.

I wish there more great movies about running to watch when we hit down time like this.

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