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I'm blooping! (Is it even still called blooping?)


It's only been five days and I already have no idea what I did before the jogging stroller. Thanks again to ALL OF YOU and especially fivestarks for organizing such a generous gift. I was a little scared to start - is her head stable? are the parts secure? is it put together right? WHAT IF IT FALLS APART?! - so I made DH do most of the pushing the first time on Saturday. Nobody was hurt in a dramatic stroller accident and L fell asleep so that's her vote of approval, I guess.

Sunday I ran for the first time in almost a year. DH had to go twiddle his thumbs at the auto shop so I thought hey, why not try? My plan was to NOT wear my Garmin so it would stay more of an exercise-y walk/run in my head. What it ended up being was a 4.5 mile run with a few hills that I walked and some water breaks. 

I've had my fair share of comeback runs and mostly they really just are terrible. Feeling out of shape, wobbly, sucking wind and getting cramps in my shoulders. Why shoulders? Who knows. This one... was glorious. I WAS RUNNING. NO ONE COULD SEE POST BABY BELLY BEHIND THE STROLLER. I DIDN'T FEEL TERRIBLE. And perhaps most importantly... ANOTHER RUNNER WAVED AT MEEEEEEE!!!




Sidenote: I didn't think through how the post-run was going to be... I'm used to being able to cool down a bit, take some fun pictures to put on Loopville, drink some water and take a nice long shower. Yeaaaahhh hahaha. No. 

Even my PF-y foot got in on the action and quieted down after the run. I haven't heard a peep out of it since. I guess it got a good stretching. My lower core muscles were a different story and I spent the next two days grimacing every time I had to lift a leg with DH giving me the you started out too fast/far again look. I'm used to that look. I don't care.

But then I felt better and ran the same route again on Wednesday and it was equally as glorious and amazing. A tiny bit farther (I don't trust this Apple Watch for GPS) and a tiny bit faster (probably because of the warped distance) but still I'm taking it woohooo!! Here's L's second run face: "ok mommy, is this going to be a regular thing?"


Honestly I just want to have something to do that eats up some time during the day and if that lets me get back into shape and enjoy running again, it's a huge bonus. And so I'll label this as cautiously optimistic for me getting back into it. It'll be different and difficult, but when I heard L cooing and giggling and waving Bill the monkey rattle around as I huffed and puffed behind her at mile 3... so so so worth it.

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In that second pic it almost looks like L is thinking "you know that'll ruin your knees, right?"

Thanks for sharing the happy. 

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Just when you think you're out they just drag you back in...

Great to see you out & about...and blooping too!

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Of course it's still called "blooping." We don't mess with tradition here.

And who runs 4.55 miles after not running for a year? Cray-cray.

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looks like the BEST RUNNING BUDDY EVER!!!!  Certainly in the running for the cutest...  So happy for your comeback runs!

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How fun! Seeing your smile make me smile. Happy everything seemed to go better-than-expected and look forward to seeing more actions photos of the running stroller!

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WOOHOO!!! That's awesome to hear! I'm sure your first run back being glorious made it THAT much better!

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Running with baby is a great thing for both of you. I did it for 4 years and loved it. Good to see you on the road again!

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A charming bloop. I admire parents who run with a stroller. I always think that there's a kid who's off to a great start in life.

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excellent ! 

both our boys loved the jog stroller, worked well.. "faster Daddy, faster !" but I couldn't always obey 😉 

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