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Canada Day! In Canada!



I've successfully stayed out of the deep, dark pit of despair with Louie the Jerk knee. (that's a thing now)  I'm terming it as "successful" because over the weekend I finally felt a noticeable reduction in pain and a slight reduction in swelling, as well as an increase in range of motion with this troublemaker. Been sort of penciling in a call to the doc early this week out of frustration. Shouldn't I be feeling better by now? A little ice a couple of times. A little pressure on the outer fold of the envelop of flexion and extension. Three one mile walk/jogs (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). Those all seemed to have a positive effect and I'm going to stay the course for the present.

Going to stay with a mile at a time with a rest day in between again this week. I've been using the sleeve for the runs but have stopped wearing it the rest of the time. Baby steps.

The weekend before the Fourth we tripped up to Toronto for a rare international vacation. We did mostly touristy stuff, plus caught a couple of baseball games, since the Tigers were in town. We'd planned one of those and sprang for good seats. The other was a last minute thing, and we just bought the cheapest ones. Tigers lost one and won the other. I'll dump some pics at the end.

Painted Connor's old room, then painted the old dresser and nightstand that were in there. They never matched each other or the room before anyway, so it seemed like a good idea. Apparently there is a lot of painting in my near future. Gotta do something instead of running, I guess.

I think not running has effected my writing mojo. Not that I've posting anything especially creative in a long time anyway. But just getting a bloop into the system has been quite a chore, the longer this knee has dragged on. This is my longest injury-caused layoff since 2008-09. That's when I hurt my knee playing basketball for the last time. That's also when I decided the marathon wasn't going to wait any longer. Also, when I joined the Loop.

Took from March until July to get up to my first 10 miler, and a 20+ mile week.

Anyway. After Toronto, I spent most of the holiday week in training classes. Mrs. Dave worked on Independence Day while I spent it quietly at home.

Oh, happy ending to the cracked/slashed/whatever tire episode. We paid for a new one at the Firestone store, but when I got home and went to add the receipt to the car warranty file, I discovered that we had paid for road hazard insurance when we bought the car. Trouble was, the instructions on the warranty were to call their 800 number BEFORE authorizing the replacement. By that time the manager had gone home and there was no way to reach him until Friday (this was Wednesday and we were going to be in Canada by then). Would they let us do it? We called from the middle of Ontario and the manager agreed to call and see what could be done. I'd spent the previous two days beating myself up over the $200 (AND the $800 I'd spent on the warranty!), so it was a little stressful until he called us back and let us know the warranty company had agreed to cover it. Win!

Big Mac came through yesterday and spent the day with us. She's here with a couple of friends to visit Cedar Point for some serious roller coaster-ing. So great to see her (she's my favorite, after all).

Anyway, here's some images from the trip.

The CN Tower is sort of a requirement.


Friday night in the nosebleed seats.


Saturday at Casa Loma. This was one man's expensive home project.


Sunday in the second row.


Here's hoping for continued progress with Louie the Jerk knee, and some real running soon.



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I have a cousin named Louie the Jerk. Frankie the Nose's kid. Nice guy.

Hope the progress continues. I hear they have a nice marathon in Toronto for next time. 

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Every step is a step!

Not running always messed with my writing mojo too.

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I'm not especially afraid of heights but the glass floor thing makes me shiver a little. But I'd still walk on it. (My writing mojo is off, and I've been running. Not sure why I can't get myself to write.)

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16 hours ago, Slow_Running said:

Did you walk across the section of glass floor?  Kind of unnerving. 


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Toronto is fun! Sounds like a great trip.

Glad to hear the knee is calming down a bit.

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I know you are working hard on it, but your patience with your knee is impressive.

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