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Under the knife.



Getting a knee operation isn't a big deal anymore. The worst part of this was getting approval for the MRI. We've been through that story already.

I was the doc's second surgery scheduled last Wednesday. Mrs. Dave brought me in at 7:30. Paperwork, blah blah blah. In 2018, why do I still have to fill out the same information on twelve different forms? On paper! Whatever happened to carbon copies? Where's the computer/database/cloud efficiency? 


Can someone tell me why I need to be buck naked for them to make two half-inch incisions in my left knee? Or why they need to shave my leg from ankle to upper thigh?

The last thing I remember was making fun of the anesthesiologist for failing to get the IV in my left hand. The nurse took over and then I was ready. The next thing I knew, Mrs. Dave was with me in recovery and I was getting dressed to go home.

They gave me a bottle of NORCO (Hydrocodone/paracetamol), but I never used any of it. The worst post-op pain I had was in my throat from the tube they stuck down it in case I had trouble with the anesthetic (which I didn't), and Tylenol took enough of the edge off that to let me sleep. On Thursday I worked from home and Friday was back at the office. The hardest part of that was walking from the parking lot to my desk (two round trips since there was a lunch off site for a colleague who's leaving). I was ready to sit around the house after that.

Small amount of fraying in the joint, zero arthritis, and a small tear in the medial meniscus (didn't show up on the MRI).

Minimal swelling around the knee, and the two incision sites are healing up nicely. Until yesterday I had this weird squishy noise when I bent or extended Louie fully. You could hear it across the room. Squish, squish, gurgle gurgle. It takes weight just fine. There's a little pain/stiffness at the back after sitting with the knee bent for more than a few minutes. I'll ask about that on Thursday at my follow-up appointment. That's also when I should get a date for my first tentative steps at walking/jogging. Maybe this weekend, maybe the weekend after.

Of course, we're already talking about the next marathon. I don't see anything sooner than December, and until I actually get back on the roads I'm trying not to think about 2018 at all. Trying hard.

One of the stitches came out yesterday morning. One of the knots was undone after my shower. I grabbed the end and the whole thread just pulled out. There was always going to be a little scar there, so nbd.

So, my assessment of arthroscopic knee surgery - so far - is, "ho hum."

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"Ho hum" is pretty much the best reaction to surgery you can hope for I think! I'm glad it was entirely boring and routine. Hopefully those first running steps can happen soon!


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Happy you can bear weight! And for knee surgery, this one seems as good of an outcome as you get. Still sucks to not be running though. 

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All sounds pretty promising so far Dave! I had my right knee done in my late teens (with similar findings - slight tear and cleanup work). The only trouble was the surgeon left it to the nurses to give me my "recovery plan" who simply said "stay off your knee". I took it literally & 10 days later I was learning to walk again!

I had that swishy sound too (which lasted a few months from memory). Ironically now I only get fluid build up in my other knee.

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Glad everything went fine.  The squishy noise will go away before long, they flood the knee with water when operating. I thought they had left a melted ice pack in my bandages it was so noisy. As long as you don’t do anything to make it swell you’ll recover quickly. 

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Where I'm from taking out your own stitches gets you in trouble with the union folks. Then they give you even more stitches.

Glad things went well, can't wait to hear which race you pick for the triumphant return. 

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