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My Favorite Race of the Year!*



(*except for Rehoboth, which is really in its own category of everything)

There are some sure signs of spring’s arrival that I look forward to each year. Birds singing in the mornings again. The sun coming up before I’m done with my pre-work run. Daffodils and tulips poking their colorful heads out, even through the snow sometimes. Cherry blossoms of course. And the George Washington Parkway Classic 10-Miler! This was my very first double-digit run back in 2012 (only a couple of weeks before I broke my ankle), and I’ve run it every year since. It’s become my favorite DC-area race due to its beautiful course, reliably crisp spring weather, and well-organized logistics. It is also typically held the Sunday after the Boston Marathon, so I’m usually still a little high on all the excitement of tracking superstar Loopsters on Marathon Monday as I head to my own race. The fact that I’ve PRed there all but one year doesn’t hurt either…

This year, the Parkway Classic was designated as my big spring goal race by Coach, so most of my workouts over the last few months have been aimed at this, with a target 10M pace of 7:40-7:30. This would be a good 30+ seconds per mile faster than I ran this race last year, so this felt like an audacious goal. But I’ve learned to do as Coach says, and even if things went poorly, it was “only” a 10-miler, and life wouldn’t be terrible for too long before the finish line.

April 22nd looked to be another perfect spring race day: sunny with an overnight low in the mid-40s and a high in the mid-50s, with a light breeze. I got Flat Caitlin ready and made it an early night given the ridiculous time that I needed to leave the next morning to get the shuttle to the start.


I left my apartment at o’ dark thirty to board the shuttle bus that would take me from downtown DC to the start line out at Mount Vernon in Alexandria, VA. It was a long ride, but I chatted with a few of the runners sitting near me, mostly about how crazypants Boston was, and about upcoming race plans. We got to the start just as the sun was coming up and illuminating the little athletes’ village on the lawn of George Washington’s estate. I like to get to the start excessively early (one year of having to sprint off the bus, drop my bag, and race to the start corral just in time for the gun to go off was enough, so now I over-correct), so I found a nice place to camp out and killed some time on social media, since runner friends are reliably up early.

This was my second time running, and first time racing, in my new Nike Vaporfly 4% shoes, which look pretty darn cool with neon socks.


Eventually it came to be time to ditch my warm layers, check my bag, and go do my prescribed 2-mile warmup. I headed off down the bike path alongside the parkway we’d be running on, and immediately didn’t feel awesome. There was no reason not to feel awesome: the weather was perfect, all my workouts leading up to today had been stellar, it had been 7 full weeks since the New Orleans half-marathon, and I was wearing my magic shoes. But I just didn’t have any pep in my step, and it was a struggle to get those warmup miles under a 9:00 pace. I tried hard not to dwell on that, and told myself that race-day adrenaline would kick in once I was in the company of the other runners. I made my way back to the start line, and got into my corral.

A few minutes later, the gun sounded and we were heading off down the parkway! There’s a big downhill right at the start, so I made sure to keep my pace in check and tried to just stay relaxed. My plan (i.e. Coach’s plan) was to try to hit the upper end of my pace target (7:40/mile) right away, and camp out there for the first 3-4 miles. Then I would try to drop the pace by 5 seconds or so for the next 5K, and then try to drop the hammer as much as I could for the final 5K and bring it in at whatever pace I could manage (preferably under 7:30).

I clicked off the first mile right on target, but the downhill start provided a big assist. Once the road leveled out and we entered into several miles of small-but-noticeable rolling hills, it was a much harder effort to hold that 7:40 pace than I wanted it to be. I tried to focus on the mile I was in, rather than worrying about how I was possibly going to drop the pace come Mile 4 when Mile 2 felt so hard. I also had the added mental boost/torture of knowing that Coach had signed up for live tracking, so she would know if I’d been able to follow our plan before I’d even finished the race.

I finished Mile 4 and knew that it was time to pick it up. I told myself that it was just one mile at a time. I could run this one mile at 7:35 pace and then see where I was. I focused on the upbeat tempo of my music and dug in.

7:34. Boom. Ok self, you’re halfway done now, and the back half of the course has more downhills. You got this. And COACH IS WATCHING.

Hitting my Phase 2 target right when I was supposed to provide a major confidence boost (as did finally getting to the nice long downhill in Mile 6!). Miles 6 and 7 clicked off relatively quickly, and then it was just the final three miles to go. Phase 3. Drop the hammer and race. I pretended to be the kind of runner that actually “races” during a race and started picking out people ahead that I could try to catch up to and pass. I tried not to look at my watch as much as possible during this last phase and just ran as hard as I could manage. There was one final short-but-steep hill right at the Mile 9 marker, a left-hand turn onto Union Street, and then about 0.75 miles straight to the finish line. I caught up to one of the women I’d chatted with on the bus who had been just ahead of me for the last few miles, and as I passed her she picked up her pace and we raced each other down the last quarter-mile or so (I won by a few meters).



I waited a minute for my new friend to finish (we follow each other on Strava now). We high-fived and congratulated each other as we made our way over to where they were handing out breakfast tacos (totally a step up from the usual boring snack boxes from past years!).

I was eager to get my checked bag so that I could upload my Garmin data and look at all my splits together. I knew that I’d hit my target paces and had negative split as we’d planned, but I wanted to see the pretty pretty graph that proved it.


So pretty!

Official results:


PR by 7 minutes!

I went over to the beer garden and found some run club friends who had finished earlier, and enjoyed some liquid recovery.


More people joined the party as they finished, and it was fun as always to rehash the race, talk about upcoming race plans, etc. with runner friends. I love this race so much.



I headed out with one of the run club friends to go meet some other run club friends (who didn’t race this morning) for brunch. Obviously, such a great race called for an appropriately celebratory brunch drink.


Another year, another fantastic Parkway Classic.


(They didn’t start giving out medals until my third year, which was the race’s 30th anniversary, so I don’t have a medal for all my times doing it. But it is pretty cool that I have all the medals that this race has ever given out!)

Next up (thanks to the time machine that enables me to post bloops about races that happened a month ago): the National Women's Half-Marathon with some Loopsters! 




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SO pretty! And those splits are beautiful too! Way to crush it. Kudos to your coach! Setting audacious goals is a good plan for smashing PRs. Congrats!!!

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Congrats on smashing your PR!!!! Oh and now I really want a milkshake...

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19 hours ago, Dave said:

And nobody looks better doing it.

Aww thanks! I think this is my best/favorite race picture since my TinkerBell half-marathon pic way back in 2014!

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13 hours ago, BANGLE said:

SO pretty! And those splits are beautiful too! Way to crush it. Kudos to your coach! Setting audacious goals is a good plan for smashing PRs. Congrats!!!

Thanks! At some point I fear that the audacity is gonna come back to bite me, but it's definitely a lot of fun right now!

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39 minutes ago, SandiBeach said:

Congrats on smashing your PR!!!! Oh and now I really want a milkshake...

Hahaha I always want milkshakes... or ice cream, or doughnuts. 

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Awesome racing! So I take it you’re a fan of the 4% now?

Just noticed the guy in your photo is wearing a jumper of the “power salute” scene from the 68 olympics. The guy on the left was an Aussie who supported the other 2 “saluting” (and suffered on his return home). His time for the 200 that day is still an Aust record but never got selected again.

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21 minutes ago, ChocTop said:

Awesome racing! So I take it you’re a fan of the 4% now?

Just noticed the guy in your photo is wearing a jumper of the “power salute” scene from the 68 olympics. The guy on the left was an Aussie who supported the other 2 “saluting” (and suffered on his return home). His time for the 200 that day is still an Aust record but never got selected again.

My first run in the Vaporflys felt positively magical, but that was only a 4-mile test run. They didn't feel quite as magical during this race, but that might have been more due to the rest of me feeling less than great overall. Having only worn them twice, I'm still in the first-impressions phase. I'm planning on wearing them for a half-marathon in September, and then for the Rehoboth marathon most likely. They're definitely really comfortable - so lightweight and cushioned-but-responsive. 

That's such interesting history! I didn't even notice his shirt that day. I know a bit about the two Americans in that iconic photo, but I'd never learned about the third man on the podium. Thanks for sharing! 

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12 hours ago, ocrunnergirl said:

Love it, HPS! Keep up the amazing work. Anxiously awaiting the 39.3 RR!

I know, I know... I’m so behind! I still have to write a bloop about the Loopster weekend in DC with the North Face Endurance Challenge and National Women’s Half too! 

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You've certainly put in the work, and you've made remarkable progress.  I'm impressed by the way you seem to keep exceeding expectations.  Beautiful splits, too, by the way!

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