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Overlook 50K Race Report

John Nguyen


The Overlook 50K was created by Ann Trason and is run mostly on the Western States course. Most of you know that I hired Ann as my coach a few years ago when I trained and ran my first Western States race.  Despite the painful DNF (did not finish) there, I had a wonderful journey, highlighted by Ann Trason's inspirational tutelage.

I came into this race pathetically under-trained, with no long trail runs for about 4 months. Still, I was hopeful that I could fake my way to a finish and get a long training run in the process.

Surprisingly, I ran really well for about 27 miles! Then it got hot and hilly. I became mildly dehydrated and my body started to protest with a series of cramping and pain. The last 4 miles were slow and tough.  But somehow, I managed to run-walk-crawl to the finish line in 6 hours and 7 minutes.  Good for 49th place out of 139 finishers! I had a great time!




Everyone is wearing tutus at this river crossing aid station! The river is both refreshing and a shock to the system!




Laura Matz, in the distance...





 The views are breathtaking everywhere you turn!


It's a waterfall!






Gordy Ainsleigh! He is local hero/legend, and everyone around here loves him. He always gets a nice ovation and cheer at the finish!

Other notes: One the mantras I used in my first 27 miles was, "Run like you're in 2nd place." I was thinking about my 2nd place finish at the Mokelumne River 50K when I was better trained and the fast kids were doing a different race. I ran like I was being chased. I ran like I was protecting a lead. And I passed a lot of people after going very easy in the first 10 miles. And I really thought I could keep it up right to the finish.

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Nice work on the finish! And beautiful course!

I like your mantra. Don't think I've ever been in 2nd place so I don't have personal experience in that respect :D But I understand what you mean!

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I suppose if you're going to ultra without training, that's a good place to do it. Beautiful.

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wait, you can do a race on the Western States course that is a mere 50k ?
I might have to sign up for that next year.. we can stagger through it together, undertrained and over-rested ;-)

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