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Three months of no running, unless I count the 4 miles I did at the PT's suggestion. That left me sore for almost a week and didn't do my knee any favors. Or the three days I ran one mile each that didn't make me sore but also didn't help my knee.

Still no word from the insurance company about approving the MRI. Blue Cross has been my employer's carrier since 1996, when the owner asked me to find the ten of us some health insurance. There have been assorted mistakes over the years, but nothing remotely as ridiculous as this. And I've had MRI's before with no issues. There should be a checkbox for "This guy's a runner and if we don't fix his knee soon there will be trouble."

In the meantime...

Image result for waiting gif

Talking with DS2 a couple of weeks ago and he thought he'd like a visit. Mrs. Dave had some commitments last weekend, and volunteered me to go alone. So after my appointment with the urologist Friday afternoon, I cruised down I-75 for two days in Louisville. We looked at his car a little, did some shopping, went to Infinity War and caught the Bats hosting the Mudhens.

Speaking of the doctor, just like I expected, he doesn't like the sudden rise in my PSA numbers. They went up slowly over the last ten years, but the last two have jumped. This Friday he's going to biopsy it. Not happy, but I can't be upset, either because neither the PSA nor the biopsy have been shown very accurate at indicating cancer. Basically, I'm at an increased risk, but there's nothing that says it's anything more than weird test results. Insurance has no problem paying for this.

In a way I'd like to be able to blame my inability to train well since 2014 on something like a chronic illness. Maybe it could be fixed and I can run fast again.

Provided this knee can be repaired.

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I love the names of minor league teams. Mudhens. 

Good luck with all that doctor crap. 

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3 hours ago, eliz83 said:

I love the names of minor league teams. Mudhens. 

Was going to ask..."bats hosting mudhens" my mind went on a few tangents!

Sorry to hear all that going on Dave. Here I was thinking you were having a cruisy time sitting around waiting for knee to improve. Hopefully the results show something quick & simple to fix everything.

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"Bats" is actually a great name for a baseball team.  "Mudhens" is a great name for anything.

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Good luck with the doctor stuff. Blue Cross Blue Shield used to be good insurance. It's not anymore. More like, we won't pay if we can find any excuse. I had to pay for 2 doctor appointments last year that should have been covered as preventive care. Hope they let you get that MRI soon.

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Minor league baseball is a gem of American life. The healthcare system, however, is not.

Hope this all gets sorted out soon, can't imagine the level of frustration you're dealing with. 

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I would get in the phone with BCBS and refuse to get off until I had answers.  Also, drop the phrase, "I am in pain."

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