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Past, Present, Future

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It's been a blast looking at all the pictures on the Loop Anniversary page tonight.  Reminds me of so many friends and friendships and how lucky I am to have met so many incredible runner.  Several of you have become some of my closest friends.  Marshall 2013 was the launch for me to meet so many cool people.


The above is from 2013 at the Marshall University Marathon event in Huntington WV.  I met Senior Runner for the first time and we quickly realized we're both crazy amateur horticulturists and naturalists and had plenty to talk about while the others ran.  We were both there as a cheering section due to injuries.  


Fiona (Countess FiFi), me, Mike Cannon (Colonel Cupcake), and Emileigh Morrison.  

Then I went to Shamrock in 2014 just 3 months later - I totally failed to bring a costume!  I'm not good at costume runs because odd clothing that rubs or flops or fits awkwardly is my demise when I run.  I was fortunate enough to be Chef Ed's sous chef for that event and got to cook with him in the kitchen for everyone.  


That's the past but still the present with so many great people.  

The present brings me few opportunities for Loopmeets because of my budget, my priorities, and the fact I loathe road races.  Unfortunately, trail races for Loopmeets are few and far between and even further of a drive from my house in northern Michigan.

The future is never a given and as far as I can see ahead of me, I think my trail race in the fall will be my last long race over a half marathon distance for a good long time.  I won't say forever because you just never know.  I hope I get a chance to run with a few of you in the near future - the nostalgia makes the heart grow lonely for running friends.

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