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Three Times This Week. An Anniversary.



At PT on Monday, Amanda and I decided I should try a short run. One mile. Hal's been in storage for almost three months, and for one mile I didn't bother anyway. So, it was one slow mile up and out of the neighborhood for a half, then back home. I'd like to say it was glorious, freeing, joyful. Not really. But, Louie was quiet. As I cooled off, he tightened up some and was sore for the rest of the night and the next day. Not terrible, though.

Wednesday I decided to donate blood. The supervisor who screened me asked if I wanted to do double reds, but the nurse who was going to stick me demurred. I hadn't hydrated very much and my better vein (on the left arm) had some bruising from the PSA/A1c draw they did last week. So, just one regular pint. At home I did a round of my home PT exercises and ran another mile - SW to the subdivision entrance and back. Same as Monday, but less residual pain. In fact, it was a good afternoon/evening altogether until I went to bed. Our bed's a little higher and when I get in I normally lead with my left leg, knee bent, then lift myself the rest of the way up and in. Lately I've been careful to keep the knee straighter or sit and swing up instead. I forgot to do either that night and at the tightest point there was sharp pain. The one I've been having.

By Thursday morning it was OK again, mostly. Overall, I'd say it's 90% better most of the time. Went to my last PT appointment and had a heart to heart with Amanda. Much as I love having her work that knee, we're just not seeing the full improvement I need to get back on the roads. One mile runs aren't what I'm after for my quality of life. As for PT, it's great and all, but the progress we've had is just as likely from not running. When I got home, I ran another mile and called the doc's office. The good news is that I probably don't need to see him again before they re-schedule the MRI. Should hear back today to confirm.

Also have an appointment with the urologist next Friday. The one I'd seen before retired a few years ago so I'm seeing one of his partners. We were afraid it would take a few months to get in, but there was an opening. The more I read about PSA testing the less concerned I am about my slightly elevated number. It's a fairly common thing for a man "my age" to have a higher reading. Most of the time it's nothing, but better to check and be sure. I'll keep my fingers crossed anyway.

And I'll run another mile tonight I guess.


Had a Facebook memory today - way down the list - reminding me that it was seven years ago that I registered for the Philadelphia Marathon, claiming my spot in LoopPhest 2011. I remember a few Loopsters had signed up in the previous couple of days and some excitement was starting to build. Sitting in work meetings all that day (my least favorite place to be), I was off the internet until late in the afternoon. When I did check in, I discovered a couple of dozen people had made official plans and the Loop was going crazy. I registered as soon as I got home. Five days later we created Loopville on Facebook. It was a wild time to be a Loopster.

Those days are becoming a distant memory as most of the group has moved on with their lives. Most still run of course. Runners are runners. Some have gotten married, had babies, changed jobs, gotten divorced, had relatives and friends pass on ... Some have dropped away completely. I'm actually surprised at the number who still stay in touch (however infrequently) either here or in Loopville. Some remain very close with friends they made on the Loop. What they say about shared experiences, right?

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I'm not sure exactly what I'm crossing my fingers for on the MRI, but they are crossed for that and your urology consult. 

Loopfest was a trip! 

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What a frustrating time it’s been for you. Looking fwd to reading about joyful, glorious running very soon!

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I think you've served more than your allotment on the DL. Looking forward to the "triumphantly returning from injury with a  BQ" bloop.   

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