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Drop it Like it's Unprepared



Thanks for all the love on my last bloop!  

I just dropped to the half for Flying Pig. No way around it, I didn't train. Bright side is that I will have more time to eat Holtman's Donuts after the race and I can add another state to my completed half marathons. I've been grappling with this decision for the last couple weeks, and even though I won't get a finisher's jacket, I just want to enjoy my Flying Pig race. 

I'm in charge of a Women's Couch-to-5k running group here and we have 105 ladies signed up. Last week and today the weather sucks, but otherwise it's great! 

Half marathon #53 in Washington, IA this weekend. I'm excited to have some time to myself to just relax and enjoy running. Hopefully, I'll have my act together enough to give a RR next week, but it surely won't be as exciting as all the Boston bloops. 

Have a great day tracking our runners!

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I prefer half marathons over full marathons because the training doesn't eat up so much of my life and the recovery is just a few hours. With the amount of running I've been doing lately I'll probably only run 5ks (if I ever run races again).

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It'll be nice knowing you're almost done when you get to the top of that hill at mile 9 or so instead all those miles left to go. I did the full there several years ago (but not the loop year) and seeing all the half marathoners turn for home was especially rough. It was not one of my better full marathons. (I think they do a good job, but it was too hot that day, and I was undertrained besides)

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Nice work on the C25K! It will be interesting to see how it works out.

Good luck on the half - I like that distance.

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Leading a beginner's group sounds fun. A couple of local friends are doing it here too. Maybe one of these days I'll see about getting involved.

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