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Pain of Foolishness




I have a bulging disc in my lower back (did it in my 30's, I'm 47 now) and when I do foolish things like holding things over my head for too long (which causes my back to arch) it gets really ticked off and makes me miserable.  I can't stand upright, can't walk normally, etc. when it gets angry at me.  And when it gets angry it's totally justified because I know better.  Things got ugly on Friday and then compounded on Saturday and by Sunday I was mostly incapacitated.  Monday I had a very candid discussion with my chiropractor and we both agreed that I need to stop CrossFit immediately.  The overhead loaded weights and certain other activities in CrossFit aren't helpful to my disc.  I want to be healthy and fit and ACTIVE long term so it's time for a change again.

Luckily, running has never bothered my bulging disc so I can keep doing that.  It never hurts to run once the disc goes back to it's happy place.  I'll be starting yoga up again along with some metabolic conditioning (HIIT training) and doing some strength training that is geared to my speed and my limitations.  Going to try spin class too.  That should be "interesting".  Strength training must be a big component in my life to support the disc in my back.  I also have a bulging disc in my neck that has been very quite since I started strength training.  No more numbness down my left arm!

Getting old isn't easy.  I'm paying for the foolish things I did in my 20's and 30's.  I hope to get another 15-20 years out of my spine before it needs any medical attention but I need to be really smart in what I choose to do if that is actually going to be the case.  Someday, I will have to hang up my running shoes and just walk and hike and I'm o.k. with that.  We'll see how many more years I can keep running, though!  Speaking of which, I should be able to run by the weekend.  Just in time for yet another spring snow storm to drop 10-12" of wet heavy snow on my town.  :poo:

(CrossFit is a ton of fun and this is no indication that anyone will get hurt doing their workouts.  Just be sure to acknowledge any limitations you have from past injuries.)

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Back troubles - ugh. It hardly seems fair that you nursed your boyfriend through his and now have to struggle with your own.

Good luck with the new routine. I LOVE spinning class. It's a great workout for me (though I know everyone's different). Hope you find the right mix of things to keep you healthy and happy for a long time. (47 sounds really young to me ...)

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I feel like I arch my back too much on overhead lifts too. Not sure how to correct this. I often have to bend over and curve by back the other way to feel better again.

Glad you go that figured out before it got worse though.

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9 hours ago, Speet63 said:

so much depressing in this so I'll just add this picture.


PUPPIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :D

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1 hour ago, mattw said:

I feel like I arch my back too much on overhead lifts too. Not sure how to correct this. I often have to bend over and curve by back the other way to feel better again.

Glad you go that figured out before it got worse though.

You need to work with someone who can help you with your form.  It's not easy and there are key things to keep this from happening.  A weak core will cause your hips to arch on overhead lifts.  

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You'll figure it out. I'm surprised Crossfit couldn't modify your workouts to take out the overhead stuff.

We're only getting an inch or so when the system hits us. I'll be thinking of you as I don't use my shovel again.

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had a bulged disk since my early 40s, as did my father before me.. he gave me the exercises his PT gave him, added a few from my PT, and do them more often than I go to church (and I go most every Sunday).. so, better than religiously !

glad you can still run at least, the yoga helps my wife with back pain.. so prognosis is good..

Crossfit is for the young and strong, I look at it and shudder, back away carefully..

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