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New Trail Running Friend!



My excitement is only quelled by the winter temps that just won't release their grip here in northern Michigan but I'm pumped to have acquired a running partner to do a bunch of long trail runs with this summer and fall.  She's a little faster than me but with trail loops we will just set a time to meet back at our cars and then go for brunch.  She is also a forester that works for our state natural resources agency and lives about 50 minutes from me.  We see each other at meetings and other work tasks and talk running when we are supposed to be paying attention.  :P 

She is doing a 50K trail race (her first 50K) in October so it should be fun to log lots of trail miles with her a few Saturdays each month.  Luckily, the longer miles/hours on the trails won't happen until July starts and the voracious bug population reduces in the forest.

My plan is for 6 miles tomorrow morning before my mom arrives to help me paint my kitchen cabinets.  We'd rather be outside working on projects but the ground is frozen solid so no yard work or fix-it projects can be started yet.  My fix-it list is lengthy - it sure is rewarding to have my own home to invest time, energy, and money into again after 12 years without that option.

Sunday is going to be a bunch of running drills for form, some strength, and practicing jump rope and box jumps along with an easy/slow 3 miles.  

What is everyone else doing to stay focused during the "winter that won't die"? O.o

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To stay focused;  create a training plan and execute, no excuses. It’s fairly simple. 4 miles is better 0. Baby steps work.

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I'm dreaming of the running in the heat that leave me feeling drenched in sweat. Until then, the neighbor has a sweetgum tree so I'll be raking up sweetgum balls from my lawn until they stop falling from the tree.

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I get it. Weeks of waking up to freezing temps. And then the time change that threw my runs back into darkness. And then a string of weekly nor'easters. I try to appreciate these runs, because I know that one of these weeks I'm going to wake up to deceptively high humidity. Also, the unexpected NYC Marathon entry immediately brought to mind Samuel Johnson's quote, "When a man knows he is to be hanged...it concentrates his mind wonderfully." Except for me, it's, "When a man knows he has to run a marathon...it concentrates his mind wonderfully."

But it's a good concentration.

Have fun with the painting!


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I strongly dislike running in the heat so I'm trying to get lots of solid miles in without complaining about ...the massive amounts of snot... the never-ending laundry due to all the GD layers I have to wear... the watering eyeballs that blur my view of the rocks and roots... the fact that I'm always over dressed or under dressed for the ridiculously low temperatures/wind/frozen precipitation...

I bitch even more when it gets hot out... trust me.

I have a group of 4 other ladies who I run with on Sundays till it gets too hot.  These ladies are my lifeline during the cold, miserable months.  I hope you find the same sisterhood that I've found!

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my utility bill comes with a handy temperature report, last year average temp was 45, this year 37..
Got to shovel snow twice on Tuesday, the second time after the sun came up and the pine tree dumped its load of snow into the driveway.. oh joy.
Just going on with the winter routines, swimming at the indoor pool and doing weights which probably is good for me but I'm not really a weight-room guy, too skinny..

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