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The night that never was.



The other night I did something that I had not done in more than 25 years, I went cross country skiing. The weather was perfect to enjoy being outside and as soon as the skis were under my feet it all came back to me. The trails across the open white fields were straight and smooth. The back kicks were high and the strides smooth and long. The climb up the hills seemed effortless and the return glide down the other side was fast and refreshing with the wind briskly brushing my face. I commented to myself that the speed felt just a bit slow, but brushed it off as my waxing of the skis is a skill that I never seemed to master.

I was enjoying the outing with a few of my buddies and as it is when guys get together, it turned into a competition. Do not think anyone really won or got the best of anyone, just a fun time out.

Back at the lodge while getting out of the wet boots and socks I noticed something when tossing my wet gloves on the floor near the fire to dry, the top of my right foot was in great pain. 

 The pain is what I think caused me to awaken suddenly at 2:00 AM and realize that my winter outing was just a dream. 

 I am not too sure why I went skiing in my dreams, but I am happy that Mr. RA let me finish the wonderful time I had out with my friends. I remained awake for the rest of the day and thought about my adventure many times setting around at the office. It still brings a little smile to my face thinking about it now.

Just because I have slowed down a lot lately it doesn’t mean that I have given up yet, I still fight on. And who knows, one day I just may strap on some skis and make an afternoon of it.

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I really think you need to get out on skis the next time you have the snow and availability.  It is an amazing tool for your soul.  :D 

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This makes me a little sad. But I really appreciate the fact that you experienced the dream in a positive way - instead of with frustration or anger or regret (like I might have if I had been in your situation).

I really hope you're well enough to spend some time on your skis some day soon.

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