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Bouncy Ball Trauma



Remember when I used to write every day? Seems crazy now. Maybe it was crazy back then, too, at least to everyone else.

Still not running.

However, there's progress at last. Today is the third day in a row where there's been little or no pain at the MCL site. Not going to run until at least Saturday, and that will only be something really short, testing things out. This morning I sort of felt something on my way down the stairs, letting me know that this isn't over just yet.

Speaking of Saturday, this weekend is the 2018 Snowbuster Festival of Virtual Races. Hope everyone who isn't hurt is planning their runs. Send me a note with your results by next Wednesday (that's a sort of soft deadline, of course).

The drain repair went well on Saturday. I made only one trip to the Home Depot - no mean feat in itself. I'd already cut out the side wall of the cabinet to investigate and saw what I was going to need. Coupler/Adapter, length of PVC, elbow, adapter to connect to the drain. Figured to re-use the old j-pipe and I've had primer and cement in the basement, left over from previous plumbing work. Sometimes it pays not to throw out leftovers.

Getting much leverage with a saw was a challenge, so I used my Dremel to cut the old copper pipe most of the way through, as far as I could reach. There wasn't much clearance behind it to the wall, so when I got to a certain point, there was no angle that worked. Hacksaw for the last inch. My elbow had a slightly different angle than the old one, but it was close enough with some adjustment of the trap from the sink. I'd say the only nasty part of this was cleaning out the old one, with had a 1/8" of sludge in it. Anything to avoid an extra trip to HD, amiright? Things went together easily after that. Screwed on the coupler, cut and glued the elbow and adapter (after checking the measurements 3-5 times), tightened all the other connections and ran the water. No leaks!

One of the first things I noticed when I opened the side of the cabinet was a pair of small rubber balls on the floor. If you can picture with me these custom cabinets, you can imagine my surprise at finding anything inside this absolutely (apparently) closed off section in the corner of the kitchen. A mystery for another day, I thought, putting them on the counter.

About an hour later, T-Rex came downstairs. I've been up, eaten breakfast, fixed the drain, and cleaned everything up by then, because college student. Suddenly, she squealed, "My bouncy balls! Where did you find my bouncy balls? I lost these when I was five!"

WTH? My daughter is on drugs.

One of her games back in the day was taking her handful of little rubber balls, tossing them across the floor and chasing them down. Like playing fetch with your dog. Unnoticed by me all this time is a gap underneath the cabinet where it hangs over the floor. A gap just large enough for a tiny little bouncy ball with the right amount of speed at the proper angle to pop through and behind the wall. Suddenly, all my daughter's emotional issues have been explained. Trauma from the lost bouncy ball.


Me, I'm just working through the trauma of an old runners' injury, wondering if this is the final nail in the coffin. Do I need to keep placeholders in my display for future marathons or am I done? Will there be another Boston, or was 2016 my one moment of glory? Was my last marathon ever that hamstring plagued party in Rehoboth? Brooding. Moody. That's how I roll.

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It's crazy she remembered those bouncy balls.  I can't remember last week.  She's in college and remembered something from when she was FIVE?  I hope your test run on Saturday brings promising results.

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I think I'd remember certain bouncy balls if they turned up again. I had a couple really pretty ones that were all glittery inside. But I had a lot of bouncy balls. They came in cereal boxes sometimes and I'd often spend a quarter in the little vending machine for one if I could...now I want to see if I can find one somewhere...

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If I could remember where I left my brass balls I'd be alright.

Sounds like you're feeling very runnermoody. I am as well. Fighing a maddening virus - day 9 now of no running, and I'm convinced I'll never run again. You will. Just do all the smart and conservative things. In a few months this will be a blip in the rear view mirror.

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17 hours ago, eliz83 said:

This reminds me of the Bachelor, where there was bumper car trauma.

BTW, we need a final installment of WILFTB. The one where he switches girls after proposing to the "winner."

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T-Rex thought the bouncy balls were long gone, but after all those years they still had some joy to give. You'll bounce back too.

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