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I blame sleep deprivation



Nothing seems to make runners more prone to making huge racing plans than being injured but I'll add sleep deprivation to that.  Despite me saying "I'm not signing up for any races in 2018"... screw it.  Life is short.  Too short.  I've got a few trail races I'm eyeballing and I'll figure it out soon.  I need something to focus on and work towards.  I am only getting 2-3 hours of sleep in a row at night and some nights my total is 4-5 hours.  Chris (boyfriend) has the most trouble at night with pain and trying to sleep.  Some nights it's fine and he only wakes me once or twice.  The result is I'm approaching peak sleep deprivation and my judgement and decision making is possibly not the best.  

Lucy, the dog that belongs to my boyfriend, has decided she's not at all happy about the current situation of being at my house for an extended period of time.  At her house she gets to run free in the woods behind the house, chase squirrels, etc. At my house (in town) she has to be on a leash to go for a walk until we get to a quiet trail and then she can run off leash in the woods.  She wants Chris to take her outside for walks but doing laps around the yard is all he's capable of so far. 

I took her for my morning run on Thursday morning but it was all in town and in the dark and she didn't go off-leash.  She was not thrilled.  I think I'll just take her for runs and walks in the daylight after work so we can go on the wooded trail and she can run free.  She's a great off-leash trail runner because she doesn't let me get too far out of sight and always listens when I tell her "too far" or "let's go" when she's too far ahead or too far behind me.  She's also decided to stop going #2 and isn't drinking much water.  Colonel Cupcake's wife Beth knows way more about dogs than I do so I consulted her and she said that Lucy is stressed, depressed, and not happy.    13 more days and they go home.   We'll all survive.  

I'm crafting some fun running plans for summer and fall... it's doing my soul good to focus on that right now.

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Dogs are adaptable.  She's probably worried about Chris as much as she's stressed by the change of surroundings. She'll settle in.

That said, you're spending so much time taking care of someone else.  Signing up for a race (read: taking care of you) seems like a great idea!  

Hope you can get some rest!

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I have exactly zero races on my calendar. Crazy Dave is too worried that this current knee thing is the one that retires him for good. We're still discussing it.

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I'm a solid 8 hours per night girl. Which is why I failed so horribly in my son's first year of life.

I am just tired reading this...sneak in a nap whenever you can!

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I wish my dog behaved off-leash. Sadly, he doesn't behave much on-leash either. But he's fun to run with because I go really, really fast for about a mile at the start. It really gives me that "off like a cannon" at the start of a race. Before long, you'll be wishing that the dog was back because it behaved so well.

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