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Cliff Notes from Up North



I’ll do the best I can to not drone on forever.

1. Decided to run a marathon For the first time.

2. Signed up for Wineglass in Corning where all the awesomeness recently took place.

3. Trained through a 15 miler in spring

4. Realized I’m insane, I hate racing, always have hated racing, hate any mile over 13,  planned to drop to the half at Wineglass, can’t drop down - half is full, decided I’d still go and cheer, I’m good at cheering.

5.  Find house of my dreams, proceed to purchase it, issues complicated things, things get expensive, closing delayed, plan to close on race weekend, closing delayed to October 12, ran out of money, cancelled out of race completely.

6. Wallow in self pity and cry over not seeing friends and celebrating their awesomeness. Life goes on.

Other stuff:

Started Crossfit in May of this year and love it more than I’d ever imagine.  I run 3-4 days a week in addition to Crossfit and I’ve never in my life has this level of positive feeling about my body and how great it is. If you’ve met me you know I’m not a dainty framed woman.  I’m built to be strong and powerful but never thought I should because I was raised to think skinny is optimal even if you’re frail and sickly.  Screw that.  I can power through hills and distances like never before.  I’m still a slower runner but that’s my build. I’d rather be slower and powerful than starving myself to be someone else’s image of what a runner looks like to them.  

This winter I hope to get many miles under my x-c skis since I have excellent trails just 10 minutes from my new house.

And I’m growing my natural curls out... never embraced my waves and curls in my hair before.  

Thats the Cliff Notes version!



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I'll shoot for 2019 too then because that's the soonest I think I could swing it!  Renting a Yurt just adds to the magic of that race.  The scenery is to die for.  One of the prettiest places in Michigan and the Midwest in my opinion.  

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Nothing wrong with being "strong and powerful." Hope you have found your niche in crossfit.  Hopefully things will progress with the house.

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