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Summer Lovin, white stuff falling & a world record




As my compatriot once sang "summer lovin' happened so fast"...No my dating life hasn't miraculously improved...I just love summer! For us down under it means long sunny days, Christmas/New Year holidays and time spent catching up with friends & family. For most this is also down time. Hopefully take some annual leave. This year I managed a few weeks which is a minor miracle for me.

I usually start my leave boxing day & drive up to Sydney for a couple of days catching up with family & then head to the NSW south coast where my folks & friends holiday on the beach for as many days as I can get out of work. Despite needing to get month end done whilst away I still had a whole 2 weeks on the coast to chill & get my mojo back...and my running of course!

Nothing gets my spirits up like my favourite little holiday spot. Surfing, boating, relaxing and some chilled runs. My running has been a very slow re-build after some health issues last year so it was great to get some base building going with no time or pace constraints. Runs to the far headland of the beach or down around the river. How could these views not inspire you. Culburra Beach, home of current women's world surf champ Tyler Wright...


and our little river (shoalhaven)...always loved pelicans...just don't park your car under the street lights at boat ramps (always wondered if Eskimo's have the same issues with their diets...)


and this one is for eebtool (and any other of our fauna fanciers). One backyard I ran past regularly had these rainbow lorikeets feeding on their grevillea bushes. They're pretty timid but I managed to sneak this shot.WP_20180108_07_13_10_Pro.thumb.jpg.1e8549c37123b79135abea32706e8f6b.jpg

We also had some wild weather. Apart from a 47c day there were a couple of cracking storms. Now I realise most of you have been suffering under some significant white stuff this time of the year and whilst only maybe 1% of our great land is blessed with snowfalls the south east coast does sometimes get another type of white precipitation which is not so soft or as fun.1758876120843872.jpg.860629d3256dcbed3be2b39c23b33b5f.jpg

We were fairly lucky as it wasn't large and no car damage this time but back home in Melbourne it was more golf ball size. DD1 had some minor damage & my minister, well he's now driving a new car...

My last day before heading back to Melbourne I was determined to check out Hyams Beach in Jervis Bay. According to reports the kind folk from the emerald isle who produce that very dark lager as a side business to accumulating their book of world records have apparently named this beach as having the whitest sand in the world. Now we regularly visit another beach on the same bay (which indeed has ridiculously white sand - and clear water) but I had to check out this other spot after all these years of holidaying at this bay.

The 100 or so regular locals are not very happy about their new found fame as it's a "one road in" type affair that now has day trippers bursting their streets & outstripping their parking capabilities...but the sand is very white & the beach is pretty cool.o-HYAMS-BEACH-900.jpg.aeb6b2927ecdfd0b10b226c5b7dd7f88.jpg

I've now been back home a couple of weeks & my running continues to build nicely (despite the heat!). I've got 3 races officially lined up (Puffing Billy - race against the steam train in April, Gold Coast Marathon in July & Sydney Marathon in September - which was deferred from last year) so I guess I'm locked in, training plan has been compiled with only a few weeks before it kicks into gear.

Hope everyone is back into it & locking down some new year running goals.


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2 hours ago, CompulsiveRunner said:

That picture of your toes in the sand is so cool. I can feel it from here. 

Was trying hard to cover my runners toes!😬 

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Love the pictures!  Was down in Australia many years back, really beautiful place.  Good luck with your upcoming races!

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Looks beautiful! If i took beach pictures now there might be the cold kind of white stuff on them.

Looking forward to following your build up.

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Now this is some white stuff I could really get into!  Gorgeous photos!  Guess I'll have to add Australia to my bucket list.

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On 1/30/2018 at 12:05 AM, Dave said:

That beach didn't look too crowded to me.

Haha Mr Eagle eyes! Yeah I had to pinch that photo as in my haste to hit the road (I had a 9+hr drive home ahead) I didn't check if my photo's turned out...Here's one from Callala Beach from earlier in the trip which is further around bay. TBH the sand is exactly the same at Callala (and a lot easier to get a park!) so not really sure why in particular Hyams gets the nod. One thing you do notice is that the white sand is really noisy (squeaky) to walk on compared to your typical "golden" sand.Callala Beach, Jervis Bay NSW.

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