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I'm not as giggly as I used to feel...

Running Loopy


Okay, okay, okay...I know...I'm on week three...right...week freakin' THREE...I know.  But...still...I can't help but feel...better.  When I move around (like, normal moving...not running...when I run, I know I look like a mobile jell-o mold moving slowly down the road), things feel...well...more locked into place.

I was shaving the other day (my face...not my back...or my tongue...) and noticed my arms don't look as bad as what I thought they did before...they don't really wave back at me as much as I had feared.  That made me smile.  And..and...and..calfzilla!  Not totally back, but I can see the vague remnants there, and he's making a comeback...Same with my thighs.  Yay!

So - training...Training has actually been going fairly well.  No big mileage yet, of course...running 4 times a week (ish), and doing some weight training on the other days, so I'm definitely moving all the time, and trying to get back to where I was.  I'm "running" very slowly...and here's the thing...I don't really care that I'm slower than my pre-teen daughter when I ask her to empty the dishwasher.  My head is in the right place.  I mean - it's always PHYSICALLY in the right place, but mentally I have it right.  This is my first half in several years, and I haven't been running much lately, so this is more about building and losing.  Weight, that is...building my body back up and losing weight.  I'm not looking at what my time might be at the Pig in May.  I really don't care.  I'm more focused on how much I might weigh at the start line.  That's more important to me right now - the numbers on the scale are more important than the numbers on the race clock.  And...honestly...the numbers will tend to move in the same direction...as the number on the scale goes down, it will be easier to make the numbers on race day go down as well.

So - training.  Wait...I already said that...okay...Sorry...well, not sorry...I'm excited!  Just happy to be here...I've been using the Nike+ Run Club app on my phone, and am following a plan on there for race day since SmartCoach is no longer (insert sad face here...I loved that thing...).  All in all, I like it.  The only thing I DON'T like about it is that speed work is totally manual on it.  When you're doing intervals, it tells you how many and how far, and how long your recovery period is between intervals...but...you have to press the buttons on your phone to signal when you're doing what...WTH?  Seriously?  When you start an interval, it clicks off the meters for you, but when you hit the magic number, you have to hit pause to indicate the end of the interval, and it then starts counting off your recovery period...after which, you hit resume and start your next interval.  Really?  You have all the information you need on what I'm doing, Nike...handle it for me!!!  On the other runs, you're more than happy to give me milestones and paces and distance and time...why can't you do it on the speed work?  You're better than that...

So - training...Last week the benchmark run (7 minute warm up, 3 minutes all out, 5 minute cool down) was a slobbering mess of a run...I mean that...I actually felt drool falling off my chin...and my pace and overall effort felt nothing like being worthy of such a disgusting scene (maybe that's the "air of unattainability" Garbonzo mentioned...I don't know...).  My other runs felt fine that week, though, and I felt like I was improving.  What a difference a week makes...This week was another benchmark...and man, it felt MUCH different!  My posture was much better, I FELT better, and I pushed harder during the three minute section.  Hardest part about it was the wind...holy CRAP it was windy in one section.  Like - enough that it totally took my breath away.  It was straight into my face, and made me afraid to inhale for fear I wouldn't be able to stop the onslaught of air forcing its way into my lungs, inflating them like balloons until I popped, then proceeding to fill my body until I looked like Violet in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when she turns into a blueberry...and when my entire body popped, the wind would scatter all my bits all over the neighborhood...I'd end up as so many stains on vinyl siding and brick...ew.

What was I talking about?  I seem to have hit a tangent of some sort...hmmm....Oh well.  It's gone.  Until next time, adieu!

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Love the happiness! There’s a tattoo on that calf of steel if I’m remembering correctly.

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14 hours ago, ocrunnergirl said:

Love the happiness! There’s a tattoo on that calf of steel if I’m remembering correctly.

Yup.  Calfzilla has the logo, date, and 13.1 from my first half.

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