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I'm officially running again. Not in shape yet, and I have to remind myself of that on every run.

I should be faster.

This should feel better. 

I want a long run. Right now 4 miles is long.

But it's the first time over 3 miles since December 2. I feel good about that. No stops, thanks to my magic traffic light mojo - two lights, both green when I arrived at the intersection. Despite losing almost a week to a winter cold, I'm making progress. That's the main thing. I'll worry about getting fast again later.

The sun was out, temps pushing 50. Don't see that every January. In the past I'd take a day like today and break out the shorts and short sleeves. But I read this week that keeping more clothes for easy runs helps for when the weather turns spring. Not to mention I'm still worrying about Gwen getting all nasty if run with cold legs. So, I'll keep the tights for now, even with the mid-winter thaw.

So, for my birthday I got a new watch. I tried hard to find one that gave me the info I need and the ability to do intervals, but didn't have all the stuff I don't want - all the things that everyone else seems want lately. Heart rate, music, texts, phone alerts. I prefer not to plug in while I'm unplugging. Chose the TomTom Spark 3 (w/o HRM or music).

I ran with it on Thursday. Weird going without Hal. I forgot how to switch the main info screen and had to look at my average pace the whole time. Without seeing my mileage. So I did the math while I was running and stopped when my overall time (the other stat I could see) matched what I needed for 3 miles at the average pace I was running. It syncs with a phone app or cabled to the computer. That went OK. I liked the interface at the website and it also synced with Strava.

Friday I figured out how to change the screen, so that was better. But then it wouldn't sync with the phone. I tried several times, then hit the internet for troubleshooting help. Soft reset. Hard reset. Total reset. Un-pair, then re-pair with the watch. Except that it wouldn't re-pair. It couldn't find my watch. Then it found it, but the watch wouldn't pair. Three calls to and two different fixes from the TomTom help desk. Nothing.

Maybe since I'm as old as I am now I have less patience with technology? Is it unreasonable to expect this to work? TT said they had a "known issue" with their latest SW update. The work around was a rollback to the previous version. Didn't work for me. The next guy said the system had crashed and I needed to call back. The last guy tried some other SW patch or something. This all took over three hours. At my age, I figure I don't have time for this. I could have a heart attack any day. I need my stuff to work.

So, I sent the Spark back this morning and will stay with Hal for a little longer. He's having trouble syncing himself, which is why I've been looking for a replacement. Sometimes he acts like I do. A little slower and a little cranky. I was hoping to spend closer to $100 than to $200, but that's less likely now. Forerunner 15 only has two lines of display. I want three. Guess I'm still shopping.

But I'm running. I don't need to stinking watch.

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I don't enjoy multiple calls/people trying to troubleshoot technology either. Great news on the running though! 

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i need that traffic light mojo. i'm constantly hitting red lights, and I run on the track. But my watch synchs. Guess life always evens out ...

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The getting old part is really a nuisance when you start forgetting the watch altogether. Glad your able to get back at it. 

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I've been on the same watch for too long. As long as I do the sequence the same every time, no problems.

Anticipating the day it's dead I've done some new watch shopping.  Garmin Fenix is likely the replacement. HR monitor is on the back of the face, not super accurate, but always a reference. But $500ish, difficult to pull the trigger until absolutely necessary. 

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I have the Garmin 220. Do they still sell that? It might be more in line with what you're looking for. (After a quick look the answer appears to be no, sadly)

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I like my Polar M400. It has those extra bells and whistles, but I don't use them so forget they exist. It sells for $134 on Amazon right now. The only annoying thing is if it needs an update it won't hold a charge, but that is easily solved by plugging into the computer (happens about every 6 months). I believe it will auto sync with Strava, too. 

PS - I owe you a book. I'm sorry, I keep forgetting. Putting a reminder on my phone now.

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Glad to see you running again Dave!

"I ran with it on Thursday. Weird going without Hal" ...why am I hearing that voice from "2001: A space odyssey" planning retribution on you Dave?? Are you sure that your TT issues haven't been caused by Hal?

"No stops, thanks to my magic traffic light mojo" I find there is that fine line between "too tired to want to have to stop at the lights & hoping for no traffic" v "just absolutely tonked/gassed & desperate to have a long wait due to traffic"...and alas lately I seem to have no mojo to make it work like I want to!

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