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Guys, I'm Blogging about running a 50 miler!!

the ohio lass



For the second time in my life, I am signed up to run the Burning River 50 miler.

The last time I ambitiously signed up (Jan 2016), I was actually logging sufficient miles… and then I DNS’ed. Ooops! It’s been about that long since I’ve blogged or anything, either.

See, 2016 was a tough (but rewarding) year. Good things happened in my personal life, but they were overshadowed at the end of the year with some of my mental health struggles. And, you know, the other things of 2016. My running went downhill. I hated running! I turned to yoga and it became a new passion.

But 2017 was truly difficult. At the end of the year, I look back and realize how much I grew through all of the struggle. Maybe it has something to do with turning 30, or giving less fucks, or finally getting relief from the anxiety / depression I didn’t realize I’ve had all my life. Or just learning to let that shit go. I don’t know.

But here we are- and I think I’m finally ready to do this 50 miler. I have the support group (my AHMAZING ladies running group) and the confidence. And I’m ready to do this thing.

Now, actually implementing a training plan when you’ve been a lackadaisical runner for the past two years is not easy. Ha. Especially when you’re not used to running in weather below 30 degrees and then you’re walloped with single digit temperatures and a shittonne of snow, and you find the treadmill impossibly difficult. So here we go! I’m slow AF, and not a morning person, but we are gonna do this thing!

I’m mid-way through my first week of the “base building” training plan (a mixture of a 10 week half marathon training plan and a “laid back” 16 week full marathon training plan). I am happy to report the following:

  1. I ran an 8 mile race on Sunday in -2 degrees (even though I originally was supposed to do the half)
  2. I (wisely) took a rest day on Monday
  3. I got my ass to the gym three times, even though I screwed up my schedule and had to work out two evenings in a row- the second evening being my fartlek- followed by a 6am workout less than 12 hours later. Needless to say that a.m. workout was slow and short.
  4. I’m doing whole 30 (for 50 days) and I’m on day 16. Last night we made shepherds pie. It was fucking delish.
  5. I curse a lot. Sorry.


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Shepherds pie sounds so good right now. I'm low carbing so none of that for me. Good luck on your training plan!

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Never a big fan of the shepherd's pie. Probably Mom didn't have a good recipe. I am, however, a big fan of the ohio lass, who is my favorite. 50 miles!

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Big goals are fucking awesome! 2018 is going to be a much better year. Best of luck with your training.

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I am considering running the Burning River front 50 myself but if not I will be part of a relay team.  Would love to cheer you on! 

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shepherd's pie or cottage pie ?
DW made some yesterday, I called it shepherd's but she pointed out that shepherd's pie should really be made with lamb, otherwise it's cottage pie..

yes, I like it too.. ha

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Are you running the front or back 50?  I am planning on running BR on a relay team.  Would love to meet you there and cheer you on.  

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