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Plans derailed.

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A little, anyway.

Started feeling better on Wednesday, so I went out for 3 miles. In shorts. Didn't expect that to happen until March, but it's not like it's never happened before, either. Really, we've only had one really bad stretch of a couple of weeks this winter, but everyone's freaking out about both that cold and the current thaw. It's weather, people, it changes all the time, everywhere.

Then my sinuses filled up again and I couldn't sleep half the night. Finally swigged some Nyquil about midnight and was able to sleep an hour later. Woke up feeling as lousy as I had all week, although I'm never sure whether it's a Nyquil hangover or the lack of sleep or if I'm actually sicker. Whichever it was, I felt better in the afternoon, although not great. Went to the company Christmas party that had been postponed from December because of a snowstorm. It wasn't terrible. Finally about 8-9 o'clock I was almost back to normal and slept really well last night.

Today's weather is rain this morning (drove through that to work), turning to ice, sleet and then snow by this afternoon with temps dropping from 52o this morning at 5 AM to 34o right now to about 20o by tonight with 2-4 inches of snow on top of the rain/ice. Not sure about getting a run in this afternoon.

All this to say that week two of mileage buildup is pretty much a bust. I'll end up with maybe two runs. Meh.

Finished Gormanghast last night. Great book. Need to get the 3rd of the series next, Titus Alone. Also came to the end of my latest audiobook, A Spy Among Friends. True story of a agent in MI-6. For almost 30 years (36-63) he passed intel on people and operations to the Soviets. Wild.

Someday I'll have more running to talk about.

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Nyquil hangovers are the worst. Hopefully the salt trucks take care of the ice today (tonight for us) before snow gets dumped on top.

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Two runs is better than none.  One of these days, everything's going to click, and you'll be ready.

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Putting the spy book on my to read (more likely 'to listen') list.

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