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My plan, the weather, and donuts.



After much contemplation and some investigation, I have a plan for my running in 2018.  I listened to a podcast from "Another Mother Runner" and they talked about racing and weight loss and can the two co-exist.  Basically, no.  Your body and mind are ideally suited for just one major task at a time.   This year, my sole focus is weight loss.  I'm not interested in what my per mile paces are. I'm simply going to put in 5 days a week of running and I'll get in at least 30 minutes minimum per run and put a longer run in there somewhere.  I have a goal of 10 Crossfit sessions per month and daily body weight exercises of 8-20 minutes each with a fitness app I have.  Combine that with the best darn nutrition I can consistently consume and tracking my food consumption in My Fitness Pal and I think the weight will slowly keep sliding off.  I'm down 3.4 lbs since December 29th.  Basically, 1 lb per week thus far.  Fair progress considering several life factors I have going on.

I ran this morning despite a ridiculous pain between my shoulder blades (fixed by my chiro after lunch) and feeling like the tin man after a rain - so clunky.  It was 47F at 6 am.  I was NOT missing out on that opportunity.  Tomorrow the high is around 10F.  Mother Nature has bi-polar tendencies so far this new year. A few different times on my early morning runs I pass an elderly blind man and I always walk with him for a minute and say hello because he can't see me and I worry about scaring the crap out of him.  This morning he was coming up to the main road through town when I was and I asked if he'd like help crossing since we weren't at a crosswalk.  He was on a straight line to the famous bakery in town for coffee and sweets with a buddy I learned.  I can't imagine being blind and crossing where he did but he said he waits for no sounds of traffic and goes for it.  He has a reflective vest and his white cane and apparently nerves of steel.  Luckily, it's a small, fairly quiet town and you can hear logging trucks from a fair distance away. We chatted and then I gave him the word we were clear to cross safely which we did and parted ways.  He thanked me and wished me a good run. :D

It's a great reminder of how easy my life is despite my grumblings.  I can cross streets, drive a car, and basically live a perfectly independent life and think nothing of it normally.  On my way back home, I passed by the bakery and he was eating a donut.  It looked delicious.  But if you read paragraph 1 you'll know donuts are NOT part of the plan!  And I have a birthday coming and need to save calories for some champagne and pizza (my favorite foods).

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I think your retool of your new year goals is excellent- less numbers= less overwhelming.


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