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In the name of the Loop, of the Dave and of the holy Bacon...My last bloop was.....holy sh!t...I don't know...weeks? months ago?




So yeah, it's been a while. It's also been a while since I ran. Neither was intended. I love writing about all my super fun exciting and sometimes hazardous runs and I LOVE running. Unfortunately I've been dealing with an injury since July. It started out as hamstring/but which I then called Hambutt....then it went to my low back....then to my hip flexor. Then all three. I've been chasing around this injury for months. I thought I was better and stupidly ran a 15k, primarily to win money. I know, it's sad. I need the money but need to stay healthy to win the money.....argh. If you're thinking I should shut up, replace the work money with happiness (not that money means happiness to me but it does mean paying bills and buying food). Anyway, I ran a 15k and my hamstrings and glutes totally seized up. That was a fun time for the last few miles. WOW! I tried to take it easy and recovery for a few weeks only to feel more pain as time went on. Coming up on the holidays and my super busy time at work, I decided to shut it DOWN.....! Just in time to get sick, miss Rehoboth, get sick again, etc. and not get better. What? 

A friend of mine has had the same hambutt issue and hasn't run in years. This cannot be my fate! I have nothing else. right? It's been almost a month. I know that worse case issues (like stress fractures) take 6-8 weeks off to resolve so I don't want to rush and re-injure myself. I also have not had time to go to an actual doctor to figure out what I have. Or cross-train. Or do anything other than work and sleep. 

So, here I am. Doing not a gosh darn thing. Except trying to educate people on how to defend themselves. I'm NO expert but having just encountered an incident I feel like I have a little something to offer. But I also want to say that because runners (and more likely women runners) deal with threats and obstacles all the time, we are more prepared than anyone. I have watched so many videos and read several articles on how to defend myself if attached. I have armed myself with pepper spray (what is legal in NY) and a back-up knife if needed. Almost every run is met with some sort of cat call or random harassment (or almost being hit by a car making a turn against the light). After years of insanity on my runs I've become almost numb. What should be enjoyment can be ruined in 2 seconds with someone swinging a tree branch at me yelling "suck my big bL@ck D!ck"...[direct quote]. But we run by. Don't engage. Engaging could bring on an assault. The anger builds up, only to be released on the next run, unless another incident occurs. Right now I'd give anything to go on a pain free run even if it meant someone would throw a lit cigarette at me (yes this happened too).

But instead, my exercise is walking 2 blocks to a parking garage, then up 7 flights of stairs, then 2 blocks to work every morning. This Monday morning was different. I could see someone hanging out in the stairwell of the parking garage so I decided to be lazy. I hit the elevator button, saw the guy still standing in the stairwell and decided I should grab my pepper spray. As I took it out of my bag I thought "alright, come at me bro"....and he came rushing at me and said "i'm fucking robbing you, give me your money." I swear to God I stood there, looked at his hands in his pockets with or without a weapon and blasted him dead on in the face with pepper spray without flinching. I never thought I would ever be that strong or level headed even though I thought I was. He immediately took off and I ran after him in my big winter boots, WHBM dress and leather work bag on my shoulder....spraying him and yelling "get the f*ck out of here" and "that guy tried to rob me" to anyone who would listen. Like a lunatic. I would have thought that I imagined it all but a woman in the parking garage came running out telling me she saw the whole thing and "it was awesome!" LOL. I needed that validation! 

In the end, after talking to police and all of Albany knowing about it - I come away with feeling good that many people know now that they can legally get pepper spray in NY and defend themselves. They need to pay the f*ck attention and get their heads out of their phones. Fight back! Pepper spray works. I have a knife and a gun (not conceal carry) and feel like pepper spray is very effective. Even though he was probably a low level threat criminal, I feel like it surprised him enough that he took off. Pepper spray did what I needed it to do. Using a knife or taser most likely means physical contact. I'm glad it didn't come to that. If it did, I would have gone ape sh!t....but luckily it didn't and I feel good that I got through it. And I feel like all my bad ass runner friends will too! 

Pepper Spray can be purchased online at Walmart. Since I got mine years ago they now have so many options! There is pepper spray with tear gas and UV dye so police can detect who has been sprayed. Glad my basic canister still worked :) 

Now I just need to get to running - not chasing down criminals!

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Bad. Ass. I’m not sure what I’ve have done. My guess is that I’d have frozen up like a little bitch haha. 

I knew you were injured but didn’t know the details. I hate what you’re dealing with. My injury is major, but at least it’s concrete. The uncertainty and complication of your injury must be driving you nuts. I really hope you find a solution and soon. 

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This almost sounds like something out of a Wayans movie. Be safe out there, everyone.

If a month off doesn't fix that hambutt (why does that word make me giggle?), get thee to a physician.

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Sorry this happened, but I love that you blasted him in the face with pepper spray.  That part makes my day.  And chasing him away is even more BA.  I'd skip the doctor, who most likely will tell you to rest.  Duh, as if you hadn't thought of that.  See a good PT who has experience with runners and can quickly identify the source so you can be past this.  I have a name in CP if interested.  It's like she's magic, I swear.  After she shows you how to fix it come for a run with my group.  You don't have to be a member of the Y and no one will flick cigarettes at you. (unless you want me to flick a cigarette at you.) 

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When I moved to a new city for grad school, I carried mace (with the dye!) everywhere that I went. Closest I came to using it was on a raccoon that jumped out of the bushes at me O.o

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Mental note - do not piss off Corc...got it.

Man...that sucks that happened, but you are a total rock star!  Good luck with the hambutt.

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2 hours ago, eliz83 said:

Between this and all the true crime podcasts, I never want to go anywhere alone anymore.

I LOVE true crime podcasts!!!! and My Favorite Murder

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As a martial artist and runner, and father to two little girls, I think this is awesome.  Also a bit sad that you have to deal with this and all the harassment on your runs over the years. I hope you can quickly figure out your "hambutt" problems and get back to running soon! And Happy New Year!

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So grateful it turned out so well for you.  I'm proud of you for taking control and standing up in the right way to the situation!  B|

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Being aware of your surroundings is key! Hope you can get the hip figured out and healthy again! Gal Gadot would be proud of you!

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1.  I hope I'm never in a situation like that.

2. I hope I react in a similar fashion!

Thanks for the reminder, sadly I have to say I forget to carry my pepper spray far too often.

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wow.. I am impressed.. well done !

"  pepper spray with tear gas and UV dye " should just about do it. Or, bear spray..

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You are so BA!  I hate that this happened but you were so well-equipped to handle it.  I also hope your hambutt starts to cooperate...sooooo frustrating!

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