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It’s almost here—my first marathon is on Sunday! (RnR Arizona)

We decided to drive the almost 6 hours to Phoenix and make a long weekend out of it. The course is point-to-point so our hotel is at the start line/expo area which is right in downtown. DS (who is almost 5) is super excited because I told him we’d get to ride a train while we’re there. In the 4 days since we told him about the trip, he has already asked me 10,000 questions including : does our hotel room have a porch? Is the train a diesel train? Can we hear the train whistle from our hotel room? Do they have papaya there? Where did the cactuses come from? Can we bring our cat?    Kids are cute…annnnnnd exhausting.

Work after the holidays has been tough to get back into. My company closes down between Christmas and New Years so it’s definitely a nice break without having to use any PTO. Of course, a company shut-down predictably leads to all sorts of computer/software/instrument issues so dealing with that has been annoying. My family lives in the Northeast so I’ve been hearing all about this little cold spell going on over there; in the mean time, we’ve been enjoying higher than normal temps which means 50s at night and high 70s during the day. It looks like this will also be the weather that I can expect for my race which is not desirable…yet, it’s exactly what I’ve been training in. Today has brought our first measurable rain since our rainy season started on Oct 1. I almost never run on a TM (unless necessary while traveling somewhere unsafe) but when we get storms like this, I’d rather run indoors than outside with falling tree branches and trash blowing all around. With only 3 miles on the schedule today, I may just take a rest day.

After finally going sub 2 in a HM a few weeks ago (!!), I’ve been having some trouble getting it done during the final long runs. All my other runs, including mid-week workouts have gone great but I’ve really been on the struggle bus come the long runs. Since the HM, I completed another 20 miler with 7 at MP that was just mentally very tough. Then I had a fast finish 18 miler on NYE that was preceded by a head cold so I dragged myself to mile 8 then called it a day. My ears were so muffled from congestion that I was getting dizzy. Then last weekend I had 12 miles with 6x2 min at HMP which I finished but barely. Blech. I think for any future runs >14 miles, I need to find a running buddy/group. It’s funny how I can run 8-9 miles just fine but the schedule says 18 and I’m dying at mile 4!

This training cycle has been mostly great though—I’ve averaged 35 mpw  since the beginning of September, peaking at 46, and with 4 weeks in the 40’s. I know this is rather low mileage for many others running marathons but previous HM training cycles had me averaging 30 mpw with 36 as my previous high for a week. My coach wanted me to get to the start line healthy above all else, especially since I have no time goals. And no matter what happens during the marathon, I am still smiling about my HM PR so this has all been worth it!


Photos of a few runs over the holidays:




Hiking with DS:


Christmas in California


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Such a great outlook and I think you'll have an amazing race!  Love the questions your sons asks... gives me fond memories of my son.  He's 20 now so the questions are much harder.

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Yes, start slow. Glad you're not wasting energy freaking out about the weather. You're right - it's what you train in, so you'll do well in it. Hope you have a lot of fun, especially on the train ride.  

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Good luck and have fun! You've trained in that weather so you're ready for it. Much better than going from running in the cold to a hot day for your race (which has happened to me all to often!) Remember in the late miles that you GET to run, and you paid to do this. (Ha) 

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Good luck! Love the questions. I remember all the questions I used to get and how annoying they were and how much I miss them now.

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Wishing you the best marathon experience. You will reach levels of exhaustion heretofore unknown. And then you can brag about it for years. Just keep on trucking and get that medal!

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