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Nice Day for a Cold.



Last week being my first week back running, I feel like I'm at roughly point zero in fitness. That's not entirely fair, I guess. Someone at point zero probably can't run to the corner from their house, unless their house is on the corner. I ran six days, two miles Monday through Friday, and three on Saturday (the long run).

None of them were great and it didn't feel wonderful at any point. Most of that was because it was snowy and icy on the sidewalks, and the temps were all between 6 and 20 degrees with windchills in the negatives. My fingers got a little cold  but the rest of me was layered up well enough that I was never chilled before or during. I wore the waterproof jacket my Secret Santa got me as the outer layer and frankly I was toasty most of the time.

My buildup plan was to go two easy miles with three on Saturday. Done. This week was going to be three miles Monday-Friday, with four on Saturday. Except by bedtime on Sunday I started to feel a little headcold coming on and am still under the weather. That's a shame since the weather finally broke. It was 37o yesterday at run time. I spent that time sitting on the couch, blowing my nose. DS2 was getting over the flu when he was here a couple of weeks ago, so the timing would have an outside chance of exposing me to it. I did get the flu shot the weekend before, but with gestational periods overlapping and the risk of him having a strain that wasn't in line with the shot, there's a chance I'd get it still, but so far there aren't any real influenza symptoms, so I'm probably OK.

Just behind a couple of days on my schedule. Since I'm only at the three mile a day stage, I'll just pick up again probably tomorrow at three miles. Four next week, then five after that. And I'll have an additional week at that level before starting a new marathon training cycle, which I will be attacking in a moderate way for my spring race. Originally I was thinking of joining PegLeg for Glass City, but that's in March and I won't be at marathon fitness in March. I'm aiming to be ready at the end of May/early June. That will give me a month to recover before I start prepping for NYCM.

I'd prefer an earlier marathon, but I'm not interested in an abbreviated training plan this time around. So, I'll suffer through the cold-to-warm weather adjustments when they come in March and April, and hope for a late spring with cooler weather in May.

Maybe it will rain.

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I have a head cold too... I wonder if that's part of the reason I'm struggling so hard to enjoy my runs this last week. Half of the run I can't breath through my nose at all and pretty much the whole time my lungs are burning. Although, I'm not sure if that's because of the head cold or just the COLD in general. Supposedly, the coldest part of the year here is late December/early January so I'm hoping for warmer weather from here on out! (Yeah right! Lol) 

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