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2017 roundup



It feels weird to get to the end of a year and NOT do a yearly recap. So, while I'm really not feeling the urge to bloop lately, I'll try to whip something up. For continuity. Even though all the old ones are gone...

2017 was good. Not as momentous as 2013 or 2014 or 2012...or really any year since 2009. Heck, since I started blooping in 2009, EVERY YEAR has been pretty freaking amazing, from a running point of view. Lots of firsts and Loopfests and discovering new things. First BQ, first Boston, first New York, first Ultra, first Loopfest, first relay, Hood to Coast, running the Grand Canyon, lots of PRs, etc, etc.

So, 2017 had a few peaks, but was mostly a run of the mill year, highlighted by the fact that I never got injured, ran healthy the whole year, and that led to a new annual PR of 1,448 miles. So, yeah, I'm enjoying the running lifestyle and doing it right I guess.

Anyway, the year started with my best performance of the year, a breakthrough half in Mesa/Phoenix where I cruised to a 1:35:47 and qualified for New York, while also finally getting to meet the speedy Sara after HER breakthrough PR marathon.


Training for Boston was going great and I had my best marathon training cycle ever. But Boston turned out to be warm, and I bonked hard and had to walk it in to a 4:11. Disappointing day, but I had a great weekend staying with Rebecca and hanging out with Carissa and Gwen and Erin and more loopsters.


I also threw in another Ragnar relay, this one in Southern California with a bunch of women I've never met (and one guy). It was a slow group, but it was still fun. Logically it doesn't sound fun, but I guess it's just the sense of accomplishment that makes it fun. Getting through the all nighter and just reaching all the checkpoints, and doing it as a group. Good times.


The summer was casual and I only did a few 5Ks which were pretty fast (sub-21) but not PR-threatening. Stayed healthy and happy.


A 10K in October was faster than expected (43:31) and had me feeling good and strong.


Then I had a fun trip to Florida with a half marathon thrown in, where I cruised to a 1:42 without working too hard, despite sickness, shingles, heat and wind.


Followed that up a few weeks later with my bi-annual trek to Rehoboth for a party, and a half marathon. Again felt pretty good and got a 1:38 without killing myself and enjoyed the Loop camaraderie.


I finished off the year with a 5K on New Year's Eve, at 5:30 PM on the hard sand next to the ocean. It was just a fun run in the dark, but I worked it pretty hard, and managed to beat my coach, run negative splits (7:10, 6:59, 6:44) and get 9th overall. It was a blast running in the dark, in the sand. Good way to end the year.


Now I'm stepping up the miles as I prepare for LA in March. My other plan for 2018 is to do New York again in the Fall. The rest is gravy.


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You also got a lot of great photos in 2017!  I'm honored to be included here, although I really should have stopped stretching my hip flexors for that shot, haha!

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11 hours ago, SIbbetson said:

You also got a lot of great photos in 2017!  I'm honored to be included here, although I really should have stopped stretching my hip flexors for that shot, haha!

I love that shot just the way it is!

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Another year of living the dream! Doesn't ever get old, does it? So happy you had a really healthy year of running and lots of great races. B|

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5 hours ago, BANGLE said:

I love that shot just the way it is!

Well, if Bangle approves it I guess it's a win!  When are we running the same event again?

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44 minutes ago, Gonzo Runner said:

You forgot your soundtrack.

If that's a run of the mill year, I'd say life is...hhmm...fine? Enjoyable? Gotta be a better way to say that...

"Good" one

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