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2017 Recap - Getting Back Into It




Coming off a dismal 2015 AND 2016, my 2017 goals were pretty simple: Be more consistent, build my mileage back up, and see if/what PRs I can track down.

The goal to be more consistent began November 23rd, 2016, when I started my running streak.  I certainly achieved the goal of being more consistent.  I ran at least one mile every day since then and finished the year at 404 straight days of running.  That consistency also propelled me to a yearly mileage PR of 1,804 miles, beating my previous best in 2014 of 1,662 miles.

A few other great adventures of 2017:

  • I was asked to pace a friend in the Big Sur Marathon.  I turned it into a long family trip to San Francisco, Monterrey Bay (Big Sur Marathon), and LA.  The scenery of the Big Sur Marathon was absolutely breath-taking and I am extremely grateful I was able to pace my friend because it allowed me to soak in all of the views.
  • I signed up for a 6 hour race in July called Get Your Butt Kicked at Route 66 State Park.  Summer in St. Louis is known to be hot and humid and this race has had some rough temperatures despite starting at 6pm and ending at midnight.  My previous single run distance PR was 33 miles for a 50k that ended up being long.  My goal for the race was to beat that distance and see if I could get to 40.  As I crossed 30 and 35 miles, I had to really battle my mind telling me I had done enough but I kept going at broke 40 miles with a minute and change to spare and took 2nd place overall.  I truly believe this race was the turning point in my mental toughness.
  • I was asked to join a Bourbon Chase Team as people got injured.  My plan was to use my three legs of the relay as tempo training runs for the marathon in 3 weeks.  Despite my first leg being 75 degrees and my 3rd leg being 81 degrees, I was able to average 6:59/mile for my 19 miles.
  • I circled the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon as my next Marathon PR attempt.  While my running was consistent all year, I still struggled logging the long miles needed for a BQ.  I still went to Indy with a BQ on my mind (officially need a 3:05 but I know to actually get in, need a few minutes faster).  I settled in at about a 7:00/mile pace (pace for a 3:02:30 or 3:03 marathon) but was very unsure if I could hold on to it.  At about mile 20, the wheels fell off and the 3:05 pace group passed me by.  I relied on the mental toughness from that 6 hour race to hold on for a 30 second PR and finished in 3:09:23.  I am certainly happy for the PR. It is a big improvement from where my running was in 2015 and 2016. 


What does 2018 have in store for me?

  • First and foremost, continue the running streak and see if I can finally run 2,000 miles in a year.
  • Get faster over short distances:
    • PR in the 1 mile – Plan to sign up for a 1 mile race in St. Louis in June because I rarely go all-out at this distance.
    • PR in the 5k
    • PR in the Half Marathon – If the weather cooperates, I will take my first shot January 27th on a very tough course in St. Louis.  Then I will find a faster course between May and September.
  • PR and BQ in the Marathon – Need to find a fall marathon that fits my schedule.
  • KidfromtheLou is planning a trip to run Rim to Rim for his birthday in October.  I’m going to do everything I can to fit this into my schedule.
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Nice year! The only difference between a marathon and the mile is you feel like dying a lot sooner.

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