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Rehoboth is Magical

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I have a confession to make.

I haven't run a good halfmarathon in over 2 years. Even my last Rehoboth wasn't great. Admittedly, it was faster than the 2015 iteration, but 2015 felt...stale. I ran walked from mile 6 on, I felt undertrained, I felt like I didn't have any stamina in me...

I feel like I'm getting ahead of myself. Again. Sorry about that, it seems to be a thing I just do when blooping.

There was a moment earlier this year when I was going to run the full marathon at Rehoboth. See, I was drinking one night and pissed off that I thought I hadn't gotten into Chicago (newsflash: I had) and I started drunkenly ranting in Loopville about it, and the verdict came back: Rehoboth! And then there was a time I realized I'd gotten into Chicago and I thought I might actually be able to run the fulls at both Chicago and Rehoboth (newsflash: I didn't) because the races were months away and I had seen some training plans that would allow me to do both...even though I'd never done that before.

As the summer wore on and my training kind of sucked, I audibled and decided that I'd run the full at Chicago and the half at Rehoboth. I regret literally nothing about this decision.

I initially expected very little from this race. It took me way longer to recover from Chicago than I thought it would, although I was cautiously optimistic about 2 good runs Thanksgiving week. I just didn't really think that a bad marathon training cycle, a bad marathon, bad runs since that race and 2 good runs a week before the next race longer than 5 miles was a formula for success. In retrospect I underestimated a few things, specifically how much tenacity I'd gained during my horrible, awful, no good, marathon training cycle and the mental strength I'd gained. It turns out both of those things matter a lot more than I thought they did.

As I packed the day before the race, I was pretty sure I had a 2:40 in me if everything was good. My goal was to beat the speedy full marathon runners and get to the after party in time to enjoy a lot of beer. 

I had a really early flight (6:54 departure from O'Hare, which is about 45 minutes from my apartment with no traffic) so I really needed to be up by about 3:45 to be sure I could get out of the house by 4:15 and get to the airport on time. I was worried enough about this that I mentioned it on Facebook, so like you do when you're worried about something, I stayed on the phone with an ex until 12:30 am just to keep things interesting. I woke up utterly shocked at 4:45 am having totally overslept my alarm and somehow managed to get 90% of my shit together, take a quick shower, and be sort of human as I raced downstairs, ordered an Uber and prayed that I wasn't going to miss my flight.

I did not miss my flight and was on my way to Detroit to catch my connection. Loop magic: 1 Reality: 1.

In Detroit reality decided to test me, so the handle that lets you pull your suitcase behind you in a fairly effortless fashion broke off my carry-on. I then carried my bag 29 gates to my connection. But when I got on that flight, it turned out I had a row to myself, and I decided that even though reality was really testing me loop magic was clearly in full effect. Loop magic: 2 Reality: 2.

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It's definitely still supposed to be unpublished...I was trying to save what I wrote last night...did I do this wrong?


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Ha! This was supposed to be saved, not published....I clearly have no idea how the new loop works...

I will finish it tonight, and add pictures. :P

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A perfect ending to part 1. Maybe they'll show the trailer to part two during a football game this weekend.

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To be continued...  I fully believe that this race IS magic though.  Love hearing about the Loopfests!

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