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Turkey Trot and other thoughts



The last 24 hours have given me a few of minutes to revisit The Loop. It has been fun to read the stories to see what people have been up to. The lurking made me a bit guilty for not submitting anything so here are some thoughts on things since I last posted.

Baconator- Being in Maine, I'm glad we'll still be able to share our weather-related challenges, a measurement of the most dedicated or foolish among us. Running in Maine, it is close to my heart. The weather has been kind thus far, but I've begun my daily peek at the forecast for the Dec. 9 Millinocket Marathon and Half. I'm signed up for the Half. For those that don't know, the race was created to try to boost the economy in a Northern Maine community hit hard by a mill closing. It was frigid cold at last year's race, where there were 700 runners or so. This year more than 2,000 are registered. On a cold December day when there might not typically be a visitor, us runners will be in town to feed the economy. We all warm up from it. Current forecast calls for a high of 31 degrees and 1-3 inches of awesome snow! Which is better than last year's single digit wind chill! The downside will be the view of Mt. Katahdin might be blocked by clouds. The race is FREE, but runners are invited to give to local charities, and spend money in town.  

RR- Turkey Trot. It has been an interesting year of running. Tremendously excited to have run Boston for the first time and perhaps the last. Not proud of my time but everything else was incredible and the rest of that story is a different blog. Speaking of blogs, I need to circle back to a blog from last December or January. I don't remember which. In it I made the strategic decision to avoid a race in order to move up an age group (50-59) for my racing club. The obvious thinking was that I would be faster than those "old guys." Guess what? I wasn't before and I wasn't this year either. Took me all year to realize it. Moving forward, I'll be working on seeing if there's a way to be faster at 51 or dealing with how to come to grips with being slower. Which brings us back to the Trot.

The local high school runs the Turkey Trot. It's sponsored by the sophomore class, of which my son is a member. He worked really hard on the race, which from the days working up to race day, looked a bit scattered, but was fine on race day. All the volunteers did great.

The race is a little out and back 3 miler. The forecast was for 40s to low 50s, chance of rain in the morning. No problem race is at 1. I got there early only to be directed by my son to the pre-registration line. I picked up my timing chip and my wife's registration and shirt. She was skipping the race due to her illness, an asthma challenge she has been fighting for months.

I had our stuff and returned to the car. It had started raining, but it was still about an hour before the race. From looking at the radar on my phone, the Fun Run kids would be drenched at 12:30 but we would be dry at 1. I would later see photos of the Fun Run. The series of pictures starts with a young girl taking a face plant at the start on the wet road. It looked nasty. There were a series of pictures of her falling to the ground, seemingly in slow motion. I felt for her. The next photo showed the same girl crossing the finish line, then all the other kids finishing. She had won the race. Tough cookie.   

As I returned from a quick warm-up, I met one of my age-group nemeses. He is new to the running circles, actually returning to the circuit. He has beaten me in all the short races this year but I still like him. We talked about the weather and I assured him I had seen radar and we would be fine.

Well, I saw him again at the start line, and as the rain fell from the skies and he wiped his smartphone, he said, "what radar were you looking at?" Apparently, the wrong one. Luckily for us, by Maine standards it was a warm rain. He mentioned that he was running Millinocket too, and was trying to stretch his mileage. We agreed to meet after the race to add on some miles. Stupidly, I think I might have said I'll wait for you. I didn't even mean it.

I went out a little fast, 6:15. The middle mile has a little hill which slowed me to 6:44. At the turn I could see how far away I was from the age group leaders, which is to say, mostly out of reach. The good news was I was breathing hard enough that I wasn't worried about any pain in my legs. Last mile was 6:33. I reeled one person in with a half-mile to go but the next runner was just too far ahead to motivate me. He ended up being in my AG but 10 seconds was too far in the final stretch into the wind. Anyway, the gentleman I spoke to at the start won the age group. I was fifth in the age group, 29th overall 19:47. My AG friend waited for me so that was cool, and we did 3 more to cool down.

The added bonus was we both qualified for turkeys as parents of students, and because he won the age group I took the turkey in the parent group! Yay food! Then I kind of ruined it by looking at my previous Trot results, only to prove that I was getting slower with age. Father time remains undefeated. 

I think my next running goal is to figure out dealing with being slower or get faster. Not sure what will happen, but I have a hunch I won't be faster. But if I can stay healthy, I'll enjoy the journey.

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Glad you had a good time! I'm really hard on myself about times as well. I can't give an inch and I'll kill myself trying to defeat someone I have no chance of defeating. There is another mom/daughter running family and every member of that family beats every member of mine and it's driving me nuts! LOL I have decided by TT of next year I WILL catch that mom... her time was 16:53, mine was 18:35. I'm slow enough and just starting out again so that this is definitely doable. Just losing the last 35 lbs will probably get me there without any real pain (or that's what I've convinced myself of)

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That is a great picture of you - you look fit, focused, relentless. Not old and slow. 

Pretty bold to sign up for a half in Maine in December. Could be brutal. Hope you get a decent day.

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In my first 50+ race the 50-59 AG had 5 of the top ten finishers. Sub-20 is nothing to sneeze at. I hear strength training helps keep you fast as you age - not that I've tried it myself.

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I'm a little jealous of the snow. We have had amazing weather in the midwest (it was nearly 70* yesterday), but this is the time of year I would like snow, rather than waiting until January or February. 

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I love the idea of a free marathon and half to drum up business for Millinocket!  Good luck with the half next weekend, and good job getting your turkey. :)

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