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Trail Love- A Winter Race Report.

Running Nutz


Trail running really started one summer when I just couldn't stand running on hot pavement through hot air while the hot sun beat down on me. 

Even though my closest trail system was on top of a mountain with no cell service I felt I had little choice and OH SO CAREFULLY trained myself to run on trails.  I was terrified of rolling an ankle and breaking something as the sun set, my DH (non-runner) would never find me in time and the healthy population of black bears would have me as a substantial meal.    I split my time between the trails and roads depending on time of day, mileage and weather.  Around this time last year one of my running buddies introduced me to her running buddies and a running crew as born.   We trained for a 5 miler that we ran together last December. After that race we all agreed that we really enjoyed each other's company on our Sunday afternoon jaunts and wanted more.    All winter long we met on Sunday's, no matter the weather, and ran all kinds of fun trails.  We trained for a ridiculous race in May (Hyner) requiring massive climbs and learning to descend with no regard for ones own life.  

We were appreciating what a beautiful area we live in- ESPECIALLY in winter (this was last year on the Loyalsock Trail):


On Saturday, we got to run a race on more of these beautiful, cold Pennsylvania trails.

I'm just getting over a wicked case of peroneal tendinitis so I chose to run the 10K race while my crew ran the half.

The temps on top of the hill hovered around 13 balmy degrees at the start.  YIKES!   It's been since February that I've run in temps that cold!  But I was ready in tights, long-sleeve tech t, vest and headband-ear warmers.  No gloves or heavy coat needed- even though it was super cold there was no wind and the sun was out.   I will admit it took a full mile before I could feel my fingers but after that I was fine.  


 This 10K course is extremely runnable- mostly double-track or wide single track.  Sections of technical stuff but it's not extreme and does not last long.  The worst is the last mile and a half which is all downhill but goes through an oak forest.  You really can get some speed up but the trail was completely covered in leaves.  Because it's my bread-and-butter trail- I KNOW what roots and rocks lurk under those leaves- totally stressful in fun sort of way?  This was not the fastest time I've ever had on this trail, but it was good enough for 4/18 in my AG so I'm really happy considering the extent of my tendinitis earlier this year.  My hips were a little tight, and I didn't have my shoes tied tight enough so I've got some callous blood blister issues to deal with so I'm also happy with the choice to run the 10K instead of the half.

After I finished I changed out of my gear into warmer clothes- I checked the parking lot but there is a chance someone got a very good look at my anatomy- and headed back up the trail dragging coats and gear for my RBs.   Everyone was happy with their times and we headed to the local bar for snacks and lots of hard cider!  I am so happy that I'm healthy going into this winter- my favorite running season.  Get out there and enjoy the cold! 



Sure love our new home- so much easier to post pics.  







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Sounds like a lot of fun but I can't imagine running in temps that cold (let alone changing clothes in the carparkO.o). Even at our ski resorts it rarely gets that cold overnight!

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I must say 13 is pretty cold. No gloves? My fingers are always the first things to freeze. And I've always worried about hurting something on trails (the result of a serious ankle sprain in a mountain race long ago). I'm interested in how you get over that paranoia.

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Great job on the comeback 10k! Those trails do look pretty. Awesome that you can enjoy them with some running friends.

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