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What's with this foot?



I had another post started but things have changed. My 20 miler a week ago Saturday went great. Probably the most enjoyable 20 I’ve ever run. I got to run the whole thing with friends who each ran 6-8 miles with me so I had someone with me the whole time. The weather was cold and windy but felt good and I finished strong. This past week my runs all went great…until Friday. Maybe this is where it actually went bad though I thought I was ok at the time. Just about a mile from being done on Friday I slipped on a stick and twisted my RIGHT ankle slightly. I walked about a dozen steps, decided it would be a little sore, but it wasn’t feeling unstable so I ran the rest of the way home. I did put compression socks on, but it was only slightly sore by the end of the day. Saturday, I got up intending to run a cut back week of 12-14. Team in Training was doing a reunion run so we were all supposed to start running at the same time across the country with the shakeout group in NYC so we didn’t start until 8:30. Because I was running fewer miles I figured I’d aim to be a little closer to goal race pace. For the first 3.5 miles no problem. I felt good. Until I didn’t. At first it felt like a foot cramp in my LEFT foot (opposite foot of the ankle issue the day before), but it didn’t go away and then it got worse. I stopped running but I still had to walk back to my car. 2 miles. I made it, got in my car and wanted to go home and cry. Instead I drove out to my parents like I promised. I spent the rest of the day intermittently laying on the couch with my foot up and icing it, to doing a few things I had meant to help my parents out with. I probably shouldn’t have for the foot’s sake. Today it hurts about the same. I’m really afraid it’s a stress fracture. That will eliminate Memphis for sure. If it isn’t a stress fracture I might have time to heal depending on what it is. I haven’t cancelled my hotel reservation yet.

                It could be a soft tissue injury related to the stumble on Friday. Or it could be I’ve been training at a higher intensity just enough to cause a fracture. My foot has slight swelling (bad) on the top middle part of my foot, and there is a pretty specific point of pain to match (also bad), but right now I’m more comfortable in sock feet than I was in shoes all day, which seems odd for a stress fracture. Since I took off my shoes I can walk fairly normally, but I took a dose of Advil so that makes a difference. I also can get up on my toes without an increase in pain, which seems like shouldn’t be true if I had a stress fracture. Flexing my toes hurts some, but at the moment less than yesterday, even when I had taken the Advil then. I already had a chiropractor appointment scheduled for tomorrow, so I will have a clearer idea after that. No deferrals for Memphis. If it’s something truly terrible and Austin also gets knocked out at least TNT will let me transfer my fundraising to another event.

                Running is the best thing I’ve got going in my life. No kids, no husband to fill my time and distract me (or hug me). Most of my friends are either runners or so busy with their own families I never see them. I don’t enjoy my job although I love my coworkers. If I’m going to be out for a while I will need to find something to fill the giant hole running will leave. Cross training will do some of that (assuming I’m allowed), but I need to find something enjoyable. (Yes, I need to be doing something with a job search, but first I need to figure out what I’m looking for.)

But Izzie will be there for me...



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Update (or actually not as it turns out) - Chiropractor went home sick just before I got there. I still saw the massage therapist for my ongoing calf issue (minor), but I made an appointment to go back tomorrow to talk to him. I will say it feels much better today. I was able to walk most of the day without a limp and it actually improved as the day went along. Still very tender on the top of my foot. Laces to tight maybe??

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