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Its Like Getting Kicked Right Where IT Chaffes




The past two weeks my right knee has started hurting, on the inside portion right at the top of the tibia . Hurt while walking and sensitive to the touch. Did some icing and Ibuprofen while hoping it was just an inflamed tendon or something while knowing all along the familiar symptoms were that of an unhappy meniscus . The same knee as my 2015 miniscus surgery.  Today I go in for the MRI. 

  The first surgery went really well with no lasting effects from it whatsoever so it isn’t real invasive as far as surgery’s go but just the fact that this will most likely happen again is worrisome to me. This past month has been minimal running just the marathon on the first then a 10K trail race and then a five mile trail run and a 5 miler on the street. My ankles were quite tired after the trail race because it was such an uneven surface but otherwise I don’t believe this is running related. What I do believe is its a result of sliding stacks of boxes of a cart all day at work whith a bit of a sideways motion which could be a lot of twisting pressure for long legs. 

  So I guess I’m out of action for awhile running wise, although I should be able to continue working on my hip strengh like I have been this month so far.   I’m just hoping it isn’t a big tear and I don’t believe it is since there isn’t any catching in the joint. 

But another injury really does chaff my .........!!!!

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The meniscus wasn’t bothering me at that time. My lower left leg was hurting from what I believe was a bit of overuse injury at the time but at the race expo I bought a tube of pain relief lotion called Real Time Pain Relief, Maxx that I applied to my hamstrings and lower legs before the race. Im really impressed with it and felt it was instrumental with finishing that race without those muscles having issues.  


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58 minutes ago, Dave said:

I was going to say it was the shoes.

Fortunately my dog hasn’t gotten to my shoes yet so they are in pretty good shape. :D

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I've had menisectomies on both knees and am still running relatively pain free. Just so you know it's not necessarily career ending. Good luck!

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Sorry this had to come along just as you were cranking out some remarkable races.  Hopefully this will only give you a brief hiatus while you enjoy the holidays.  

Note to self:  Look for "Real Time Pain Relief"...

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